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America needs to come together

Now more than ever the “United” States of America couldn’t be more separated. It seems in about every aspect of any political, religious or government issue we have come to draw a line in the sand. There is clear divide that we all stand; we no longer are standing “as one.”

With the tragic events that keep taking place all over our country, you would think we would consider putting aside our differences and rethink things that really matter — that we are all human, all Americans. The media loves to go in an uproar on everything in our country and are quick to point fingers. I get it, everyone wants answers and solutions. According to a recent poll, we may be more divided now in our country than any time since the Civil War. To live in a time where another Civil War could potentially be a reality is bone-chilling.

This is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. Lately, being an American is something to be laughed at. We need to stick together, remember to work hard for what we want, and learn to let our differences not only let us stand out but unite us.

Miranda Hoiton

Rapid City

No estate tax benefits super rich

The Estate Tax only applies to couples whose estates exceed $11 million. For almost all South Dakotans with a few exceptions — perhaps, including our elected senators and representative — we gain nothing.

For someone with a $4 billion estate, heirs will gain more than $1.5 billion. The $1.7 to $3.7 trillion increase in the national debt will be paid by all our children.

Thus, the Trump family plunders the national treasury and all taxpayers for generations to come.

Stephen Haas


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