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GOP tax plan won't trickle down

The GOP tax plan is fundamentally flawed. “Trickle-down” economics assume that if your employer makes more money, your employer will be able to afford to pay you more money. This does not mean your employer would be willing to pay you more money. Wage stagnation for workers in the U.S., even though the economy is strong, shows that “trickle-down” is just more fake news.

History has shown that corporate profits “trickle-up” to senior management compensation, fund stock buy-backs, improve shareholder dividends or can be invested into new plants and equipment in the U.S. or other countries. This tax plan shows our congressional leaders are out of touch with the vast majority of U.S. citizens and reality. The tax plan is merely an attempt to put a small tax decrease, funded through increased debt, into your pocket before the 2018 election.

Let’s call it a little token of their appreciation for your next vote. Maybe it is time for some “new” Republicans to represent South Dakota as the current crop has failed us miserably.

Steve Gray


Some gun control is necessary

High speed is a factor in vehicle accidents. We impose speed limits to reduce the number and severity of accidents. While we can’t know what accidents are prevented by these limits, we know that the number and severity of accidents is reduced. Why should gun control be any different?

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If we can limit the proliferation of weapons in this country, possibly even reduce the number of weapons, and apply reasonable limits on the lethality of weapons to reduce the number and severity of mass murder events, how is that any different from the logic behind speed limits?

We will never remove all weapons from criminal’s hands. The NRA estimates there are more than 400 million firearms in the U.S., more than one per person, providing ready access to weapons. Technology is adding to the lethality. As a society, we must weigh the risks and benefits of firearms. We need to advocate for responsible ownership. We must define rational limits on power and capacity of weapons. People will still speed, and people will still kill, but if we can make an impact on the lethality and frequency of shootings, we have accomplished something.  

Brian Smith

Rapid City

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