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Nov. 16, 2017, letters

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GOP tax bill enriches the rich

The tax plan recently proposed in the U.S. Senate focuses too much on cuts for the wealthiest among us while it does nothing to help the poorest.

The Alternative Minimum Tax ensures the very wealthy pay a fair share in taxes, regardless of deductions. This bill would repeal that safeguard. The Estate Tax only affects individuals with a net worth over $5.49 million. The Senate bill would raise that to $11 million ($22 million for couples), protecting even more vast fortunes. The bill lowers the corporate tax rate while raising the lowest tax rate, saving money for big business while costing more for those that can't afford it. And it gives an expanded Child Tax Credit to those making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while not offering that same help to those in poverty.

This bill does not help those that need it while adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit so the already very wealthy can be more wealthy. I urge Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds to vote no on this bill and to reject any bill that so irresponsibly adds to the deficit to give tax cuts to those that do not need them.

David Paul


Lawmakers should back Russian probe

“The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming" was a 1966 comedy movie starring Carl Reiner, Alan Arkin and others.

What's not funny is the possible involvement with the Russians of folks with high places in the 2016 Trump for President campaign. I'm glad there is now an official investigation of possible Russian interference in the election and Americans who may have been a part of it.

I hope Journal readers will ask Rep. Noem and Sens. Thune and Rounds to support the investigation of Russian involvement in our 2016 presidential election. The future of American democracy could well be at stake.

David Nickel


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