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Parade was great; traffic control not

Congratulations Rapid City! The parade on Saturday night was wonderful and the weather cooperated. Only one thing needed major improvement and that was traffic control.

It took the same amount of time to get out of downtown as the length of the parade. Could traffic lights be synchronized to keep cars moving? Remove barriers when obstructing outgoing traffic? Or shut off traffic lights and assign trained officers to direct? We love Rapid City and the Black Hills.

Alice Poppen


Tax cuts would benefit everyone

First off all details of the tax bill have not been made public, but the left is already condemning it as a bill for only the rich and big corporations.

The left said the same thing when Reagan cut taxes and everyone benefited. Clinton did the same thing and the left thought it was the best thing since popcorn, but he added an unearned income tax rebate, another form of welfare.

Please tell me how more money in my pocket to buy gas, groceries and etc. is a bad thing. The state, county and city should follow suit and find ways to cut taxes instead of raising property taxes and so on to support their tax-and-spend addiction.

Jack Dean

Rapid City

Happy to see Woster's return

I write this letter to welcome Kevin Woster back into the Rapid City Journal fold. Although I neither hunt nor fish, I always did read Kevin’s articles, especially when he interviewed John Kanta, then wildlife manager for South Dakota Game Fish & Parks.

 Those two communicated well and helped me appreciate the wild and furry creatures who make a living in the Hills despite blizzards, subzero temperatures, floods, forest and grass fires, and droughts. Now, I have hope that the conversations will continue with those who are out there in wild country and have stories to tell.

Thanks to Managing Editor Chris Huber and everyone else who recognize the quality of Kevin’s writing and helped make possible his return.

Shirley Frederick

Rapid City

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