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Parents don't let kids be bullies

Bullying: use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

It may not be as noticed as much anymore, but bullying is still here. It lingers when everyone turns their head to focus on something new with politics. It may not be such a big deal to others because they may not have been in that position. Everyone ignores it until something tragic happens and the heads come back for a second, we may sigh, call it shame and then go back to what we do. Why? Why couldn't you help when it was in the process? Quit being a bystander and make a difference in someone's life. Don't tell your child to avoid being bullied; teach your child to not bully.

Most children feel the need to hurt because it all comes from home. They're so miserable, sad, angry, etc. that they feel the need to hurt to make themselves feel good. To those being bullied, I know you will make it through this. Protect the next generation from violence.

Evelyn Chasing Horse

Rapid City  

Gear Up scandal looks like coverup

You would hope if government officials in Pierre saw a house on fire, they would call the fire department. However, Education Secretary Melody Schopp failed the test. The “fire” was Gear Up program financial thievery. We have learned that she was told as early as 2011 the program had financial irregularities. She took no action until August 2015 when she cancelled the state’s Gear Up contract. But it was too late. Scott Westerhuis, whom the authorities have determined embezzled over a million dollars, murdered his wife and four kids and committed suicide.

Schopp has been given a friendly send off by the press on her recent retirement. I think she should have been forced to resign in 2015. She failed to take action when she should have. Why? I would guess because it was a Republican matter. Republicans are loath to report on fellow Republicans doing bad things. In fact, in the final report from the Legislature five Republicans on the Government Audit committee voted not to include the sentence stating that Department of Education leaders “disregarded” employees’ warnings about financial wrongdoing at Gear Up.

If you think this is disgraceful politics, start thinking about voting out the Republicans in 2018.

Reed Richards


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