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Democrats now look toward 2020

As expected, on Nov. 6, South Dakota Republicans once again joined their constituents in other backward areas of the country in their approval of constant lies, incompetence, treason, racism, sexual abuse, child abuse, the disrespect of our Constitution and institutions, the assault on the free press, voter suppression and intimidation, the war on health care and Social Security, unparalleled corruption, thievery and a skyrocketing national debt.

On the bright side, enough good guys were elected in other states to at least slow down the evil Trump/Pence agenda. What we can now hope for is that good will triumph in 2020 and stop it permanently.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

Only people pay taxes

Regarding the tax cuts, the late Paul Harvey often said, “Corporations never pay taxes. Only people pay taxes.”

As for the border wall, Mexico will pay for it. Currently, illegal immigrants are costing $134 billion per year. Even though some work, the government collects only $13 billion in taxes from them. A deficit of $119 billion is unsustainable.

With the wall in place, Mexico will have to support and educate its own people. It should also stop the flow of drugs across the border, a definite plus.

Beverly Letellier


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