Oct. 16, 2019, letters

Oct. 16, 2019, letters


Become aware of the issues

I like to read the Journal's many articles and opinion pieces about politics in today's America. I would urge all voters to get educated about the issues and take part (as a free American) in political activities at a local level.

I've become active with the Lawrence County Democrats. We have members from students (Black Hills State University) to senior citizens. I had great fun and felt great waving an American flag at the recent Spearfish High School homecoming parade with the Lawrence County Dems entry.

Don't just moan and groan about the state of politics here in South Dakota. Get involved as a free American to help change things.

David Nickel


Clinton vs. Trump impeachment

Sen. John Thune voted to Impeach Bill Clinton for simply lying about an affair that Clinton had with an adult woman. Trump on the other had is using his power and $400 million of Taxpayers’ dollars to force a foreign leader to find dirt on his political opponent. This $400 million was given in a bipartisan agreement by the House, Senate and signed off by Trump, to assist this Democratic nation in fighting off an invasion from Russia.

This single charge against Trump is without question far worse than Clinton’s lie about sex. Trump is using his power and our money to win the next election. This is such an abuse of power I cannot imagine any honorable American supporting it even if it benefits them.

Thune, you voted to Impeach Clinton for lying about sex; now it is time to impeach Trump for his abuse of power. There are at least a dozen other powerful articles of impeachment against Trump, but this one is enough. Sen. Thune and Sen. Rounds, Rep. Johnson, it time to do the right thing and become your better self. Your fear of Trump is unwarranted.

Brent Cox


Constitution for dummies

Would someone please send king Donald a copy of "Constitution for Dummies?" He wants to impeach senators. He wants Speaker Pelosi impeached (not a bad idea, Trump and Pence resign, she assumes the presidency, and then could be impeached). Trump would be responsible for three new presidential statues here in Rapid City.

It’s so gladdening to see our elected three amigos speaking up for South Dakota values … er, not. The backbone they display is an insult to invertebrates; just as their apparent lack of a moral compass gives reptiles a bad name.

It’s not treason to criticize the president. First Amendment notwithstanding, it’s the only one of three crimes mentioned in the Constitution to be rigidly defined therein (the others being counterfeiting and piracy).

The current occupant of the Oval Office has proven over and over to be an incompetent, a liar, a cad, a bounder and yea, a poltroon. How much longer must our representatives debase themselves in defending the indefensible? When will we the people make them an offer they can't refuse?

And please stop adding the (R-SD) after their names. They've become Trumpublicans and should be annotated (T-SD).

Brent Cogswell

Rapid City

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