Deleting First Amendment

State law:

“(2) Does not personally participate in any riot but directs, advises, encourages, or solicits other persons participating in the riot to acts of force or violence; or

"(3) Upon the direction, advice, encouragement, or solicitation of any other person, uses force or violence, or makes any threat to use force or violence, if accompanied by immediate power of execution, by three or more persons, acting together and without authority of law.”

Anyone who understands the English language would know that this law makes it illegal to support any protest if violence happens to occur. If it read “advises or encourages acts of violence,” It would be constitutional. This law is written to stop freedom of speech. With this law you could support a cause and openly be against any violence and still be arrested and convicted of a felony, just for supporting this cause. I could write this letter in support of a cause and later be arrested if violence occurs. This goes directly against the First Amendment. It would appear that the governor and Republicans want to delete the First Amendment to our Bill of Rights. Absolute power creates tyranny, we have that in South Dakota.

Brent Cox


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