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Johnson best to fill Noem's shoes

During the session, legislators have the responsibility to participate in committees and caucuses to represent their constituents and achieve legislative objectives. During her tenure, Kristi Noem has been involved in over 20 different caucuses. She’s shown a multitude of strengths and has great respect in DC. Now, as she runs for governor, we should be looking to fill her vacancy with an individual with the capacity to tackle issues, relate to constituents and represent us dutifully in our nation’s capital.

While many are running for the U.S. House seat, one stands out among the rest, Dusty Johnson. Dusty is a longtime public servant with experience in the private sector and has already worked diligently for us. Dusty is naturally a great multitasker and this is just one trait that makes him the most qualified for this position. He handles every issue with poise and tact and is amicable. He balances work and family. Dusty is the right candidate to push legislative measures through and protect the wellbeing of our state.

On Nov. 5 or before, make sure you’re voting for a person who can handle the responsibilities of representing our state. Dusty Johnson is ready and the overall best choice.

Patricia Murphy

Sioux Falls

Women should do politics better

I used to be optimistic about the women's movement, women's rights and where we were going as a country. I believed women could do better than men under many circumstances.

Lately I've changed my mind and believe women are squandering a chance to really do some good for us all. First came the "women's march" in D.C., and those hats. Then a group of shrill extremists including Pelosi, Watters, Warren, Harris, Clinton and others hijacked the Democratic Party. Donning man tailored suits and imitating all the worst behaviors of men appears to be their agenda. Is this the noblest thing women can think of? Abandoning the presumption of innocence and due process, endorsing disorderly public harassment of opposing political party members, vilifying all white males based on the behavior of a very few, weaponizing sexual assault allegations against their political adversaries, inventing the "white male privilege" concept, and generally adopting a divisive and angry posture towards half the population.

Is this the best women can do? Serena Williams justified her poor behavior, saying "Men do it." I challenge women, particularly Democratic Party members, to elevate their behavior and lead by example. Do better than men, don't imitate us.

Bruce Evans

Rapid City

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