Protect our drinking water

My strong desire is for the Pennington County Planning Commission (and ultimately the county commission) to enact strict ordinance protections aimed at promoting the stewardship of Rapid City's water supplies. Not only would hard rock mining potentially put surface water (Rapid Creek) in jeopardy, but it could also compromise the recharge mechanisms for the Madison aquifer if contamination is allowed at any level.

The city of Rapid City has multiple hundreds of millions of dollars invested in existing treatment facilities, pipelines, galleries, and deep well infrastructure. If contaminated, the two main sources of Rapid City's water could be dramatically more expensive to bring into EPA and State of South Dakota compliance for its citizens and business community to be able to use.

If you think your water bill is going up now, brace yourself for a future where nasty contaminants make it necessary to build new, expensive treatment plants for removing chemicals from your family’s water.

That is not good business, and lax regulation would be disastrous for our area's economic development future.

I hope we all understand how lucky we are to have our clean water supply.

When considering the public's water supply, good regulation is good business.

Jerry Munson

Rapid City

How do you support Trump?

If you are reading this, are you one of my many neighbors in Rapid City? Then it’s my experience that you are considerate, hardworking, philanthropic and polite. I assume you are also honest, and that you love your family and your state and respect your country.

I’d be flabbergasted if you threatened violence, told me what (not) to watch on TV, yelled lies, insulted visitors, shot at immigrants’ legs or (though this would be none of my business) cavorted with porn stars.

And yet, you support Trump? It’s upsetting and dangerous enough that our president appears to be mad as a hatter. It’s pitiful that our elected officials have not (yet) expressed concern about his misuse of office. Few people benefit from his policies: most citizens suffer, and our government is put in an awkward position, vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Why are voters still supporting him?

No one will discuss politics anymore with “the other side,” so no one will tell me. I’d really like to know, because day-to-day, I think I am on the same “side” as my neighbors.

Naidine Adams

Rapid City

Thune losing my support

Sen. John Thune: As a fellow Republican I can no longer support the current administration. There are too many questionable situations happening with our current president. He is a liar and his only interest is in self-preservation. You continue to stand by this president and agree with Sen. Mitch McConnell as if he is your puppet master.

When are you going to stand up for the South Dakota moral values that I know you have? If you continue to support this corrupt president and Mitch McConnell, you will be losing my vote come election time.

Stand up for what you know is right as opposed to what the party tells you to do. Where is your voice?

Chris Jaeger

Rapid City

Thanks moms for their choice

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded that 39,773 people were killed by guns in 2017. Of that number, nearly 24,000 killed themselves. Both of these statistics are very unfortunate and are not acceptable to us as Americans.

The Guttmacher Institute reports that 862,320 abortions took place in the United States in 2017. That number, which is provided by a pro-abortion organization, identifies how many innocent (potential) Americans have lost their opportunity to be citizens of our country. Neither loss of life is an acceptable option in a free country like America.

Abortion supporters should thank their parents — particularly their mothers — in that they exist to make their so-called choice.

Roland Wick

Hot Springs

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