Abandoning longtime allies

I want to share how proud I am of President Trump and his decision to abandon our longtime Kurdish allies. His cowardly choice to acquiesce to Erdogan means that the Kurds will be slaughtered by the Turkish army. Way to go Donald. The Kurds have been our staunchest allies in this volatile region for decades, and abandoning them is the pinnacle of cowardice. Not that we don't have a history of bailing out on the Kurds when it's convenient. These colors don't run, they shrink away under the cover of darkness. Good luck my Kurdish friends.

Jeffrey LaRive

Hot Springs

When is it enough?

I am an independent voter. I vote my conscience about issues that are important to me and my family.

I am not a Trump lover or a hater, but pretty much in the middle of the pack of voters.

One issue that I can get riled up about is President Trump's drawdown of American troops in Syria. We have been in the Middle East for decades, and now a president has said, in effect, "enough is enough," and giving his best shot at extricating our men and women from what he calls endless wars. For as long as I can remember the American public has said, "get our troops out of a no-win situation." What response has he received from the swamp in Washington? Ridicule and criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

My question to you is simply when is the right time to step away from these tribal wars and let them figure it out for themselves?

Tell me when you would bring our troops home and save American lives? Do we need to have a war-free planet to do this? When is enough enough? There will never be a world where there are not risks to such an American policy; however If we do nothing, we will be there shedding American blood forever.

I applaud a president that tries to "think outside the box" with a different policy. I am sad to see so many people on both sides of the isle criticize President Trump's attempt to save lives, and all he gets from talking heads on TV and Congress is grief.

Richard Horkey

Rapid City

See, hear, speak no evil

Remember the three monkeys? The first covers his eyes, the second covers his ears, the third his mouth. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Like the monkeys, South Dakota’s trio of representatives remain silent, ignoring the president’s ugliness and corruption. Do they think Donald Trump’s behavior is acceptable?

Sens. Thune and Rounds and Rep. Johnson apparently didn’t notice Donald Trump’s bragging about assaulting women. They seem OK with the president using his office for personal enrichment. What do they tell their kids about his daily lies? What about his constant insults, his nasty tweets? His coziness with dictators and his betrayal of America’s allies and friends?

History demonstrates that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” When America desperately needs leadership, our men in Washington instead demonstrate complicity and cowardice. We need senators and representatives with the courage to stand up for right, to put country before partisan politics. Spineless silence allows the Trump corruption train to roll on.

Jerry Wilson


Don’t insult us

Podunk? Why would you publish an article using this term? My God, you are ridiculing 50% of your customers by referencing their hometowns this way. Read the definition of podunk, and please realize that these communities are not insignificant, and are not unimportant.

Mark Taylor

Rapid City

Thanks for Giago column

Thank you for publishing Tim Giago's column Notes From Indian Country, from which I learn about Indian values, traditions and so much more. His suggestion that Lakota riders be included in the annual Buffalo Roundup is a good idea. Why wouldn't that request be granted, and why didn't those in charge extend such an invitation long ago?

Constance Watson


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