Mining threatens

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued two updated draft water permits for uranium mining and mining waste disposal in underground water aquifers. If this action is allowed to occur, it will ultimately destroy the drinking water in our location because the permits would involve pumping uranium wastes into aquifers that are used for our drinking water. Also, the EPA wants to ignore the cultural and spiritual information about the Black Hills.

Please write your opposition to the EPA Region 8 officer in Denver.

Melody Inchumuk

Hot Springs

Nation under God

Doesn’t it break your heart to watch our country disintegrate? Our God Bless America torn with factions? Our forefathers gave their blood for our liberty, and what about the blood our young have given through the centuries? We have flunked our history lessons. Now, history is an elective subject. The Rev. Alistair Begg said: We live in a society that is sick, sensual and silly. President Reagan said: The nation that forgets God is a nation gone under.

Ivan Holsing

Rapid City

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Enough of the false finger pointing and trying to divert the focus with conspiracy theories. If all that is surfacing is as Trump says is a witch hunt or hoax then he should direct all players to go before America’s elected House of Representatives and testify instead of stonewalling and whining executive privilege. There are no security issues here — let's get to some truth.

R. Blair Perceval

Box Elder

Weapons threaten our rights

Ten years ago the Supreme Court decided that the Second Amendment applied to individuals, not to just a "well regulated" militia. They also simplified the term "well regulated" to mean "proper discipline and training." If that's correct, then the modifier "well" in well-regulated is redundant as just "discipline and training" is their definition of regulation.

Alexander Hamilton rightly thought that the training of the yeomanry (citizens) would be a cumbersome experience and a grievous loss of time, so being properly armed and equipped is about all that could be aimed for, although he still thought it necessary to assemble them once or twice a year.

If we really need protection from our own government and military as per the apprehensions of some constitutional framers, then assault weapons are a very viable defense. If an outside threat, then our "well endowed" military will probably suffice. For me, the decision is not a tough one. The threat from the public misuse of these weapons is more real than the benefit they provide. The NRA should be called the NARA if assault rifles are what they advocate. These days, our constitutional rights are threatened by public use of such weapons.

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

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