Good sense to kill study

Thankfully, five city council members had the sense to dump the insane idea to spend $125,000 to an out-of-state company to study the feasibility of lowering Omaha Street 10 feet at Sixth Street and install an overhead crosswalk over Omaha Street.

In all the years the berm has been installed on Omaha, I have only had to stop for a pedestrian red light two or three times.

I don't see the need for the overhead crosswalk, and what about wheelchairs? You could use the $125,000 on parking on the north side of Omaha. The new civic center is short on parking now. No need to spend $125,000 to study it.

Isn't there anyone in city hall that's smart enough to study anything?

With the new $1-per-hour parking meter price, I don't think many will park downtown and walk over Omaha Street. I will not be feeding those new meters for any reason.

Lowering Omaha Street 10 feet is an insane idea. Ten feet is about the height of a semi-truck. You would not even be able to see the top of a car in the dip ahead of you. What about drainage?

Gayle Jorgenson

Rapid City

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