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No violation while mayor of Pierre

In his letter to the editor (Oct. 9) Jay Davis contends that I “appeared” to have violated a state statute when serving as mayor of Pierre. What he fails to mention is that I recused myself on voting on the addition to the Pierre City Centre, which is attached to the Ramkota Inn in Pierre. The accusation of conflict of interest was made in the early ‘90s, was investigated, and determined there was no violation.

As for my work as deputy in the state auditor office, I am very proud of the taxpayer dollars we saved for South Dakotans during that 20-year period. I am also very pleased with the accomplishments made by the Pierre City Commission during the time I was a commissioner and for the 12 years I was mayor.

Gary Drewes

Rapid City

Christians need to vote values

It is past time for people of faith to “put up or shut up” when it comes to today’s politics. You can either proclaim to be Christian or support politics that run contrary to your faith.

I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran. Nothing about what is happening in today’s political climate aligns with what I was taught about Christ and my faith. We seem to elect and re-elect politicians who “talk-the-talk” but never “walk-the-walk.”

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I have had it with our current state of politics. There is nothing happening these days that prove to me we have a Christian president or Christian leaders. They want to rip the security rugs out from under common people while they themselves reap benefits most of us will never achieve.

This election season vote for what is best for our communities, state, and country by voting against those who profess to be Christian while voting contrary to their faith. But, most importantly of all, vote. As Plato once wisely stated, “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

David Hubbard

Rapid City

Seiler is the lawyer I would hire

When I hire a lawyer, I have several characteristics:

1. Experience at the highest levels.

2. Unquestionable ethics.

3. Uncompromising loyalty.

In 38 years of practicing law including serving as a state’s attorney, in the U.S. Attorney's Office and as U.S. Attorney, Randy Seiler’s ethical practice of law has never been questioned. And he has uncompromising commitment to never play politics with the rule of law.

Randy Seiler is the best-qualified candidate for attorney general. Join me in making the right choice for South Dakota.

Tad Perry

Fort Pierre

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