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Sutton has qualities to be governor

As a lifelong conservative Republican and a strong supporter of President Trump, I have decided to support state Senator Billie Sutton as our next governor of South Dakota for the following reasons.

I am convinced that Billie will work with all of our elected officials in Pierre; this bipartisan approach is just what we need in all of our elected bodies of government in our country today. As an investment executive, Billie knows what it will take to bring good jobs and economic development to not only places like Rapid City and Sioux Falls, but cities like Aberdeen, Mitchell, Spearfish, Sturgis and all the little towns in between. Sen. Sutton understands the importance of supporting primary, secondary and college education as the basis for the success of our next generation of South Dakota leaders and educators in the 21st Century. Billie is also pro-life and pro-gun and these values have always been a top priority for me.

For these and many others reasons, I am supporting this wonderful family man and public servant as the next governor of South Dakota.

Mike Marsland

Black Hawk

Women pay price in a man's world

What a world! War mongers keep the wars going and, of course, keep accusing women who get an abortion of murder, no matter the reason. In other words, "Darn, there went another future war hero." She can't be allowed to do that, where will we get our expendable troops? If she dies in childbirth, that's what she's here to do. It's part of her job description.

I read that the pope favored Trump over Clinton for prez. No surprise there. Keeping women in their place is one of his job descriptions. Don't know what he thinks of Kim Jung Un, but I bet no woman gets away with stuff like that in North Korea, and I don't think they even read the Bible.

Besides, those "fancy dancer" soldiers I saw on TV probably can't mess around with women — wrinkles in those spiffy uniforms is probably anathema.

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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