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Political divide our biggest problem

I think the biggest problem in American politics today is the divide between the citizens and political leaders. Our population is divided by so many issues that often times it is difficult to have a conversation with someone without getting in an argument.

The same goes for our politicians and their party bias. The divide in our Congress is immense, and because of that it is almost impossible for our government to accomplish anything without compromising something else. I think that first and foremost we need to look at people as humans, not see whether or not they are a Democrat or Republican or if they are liberal or conservative.

A person is a person, and to judge someone based on their political views and not how they treat people is disgusting. Once we as Americans begin dehumanizing people, our democracy as we know it will be over - rather it will be red versus blue, neighbor against neighbor and a country already so divided does not need that.

Autumn Knight

Rapid City

Thune's 'get small' comment shocking

Sen. Thune’s response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas was unconscionable.

“Get small,” he advised us. “Get small” if you are ever in the sights of a mass shooter. “Get small.” "Get small" if you are ever attending a concert next to a tall hotel with many floors in an enclosed space so that a crazed shooter high above you is basically enjoying shooting fish in a barrel? Are you kidding me?  Great advice for the families and loved ones of the 59 people who could not somehow get small enough. I am sure they took great comfort in your words.

Where is your compassion? Where is your common sense? Senator, why would you say something like this? Had you taken leave of your senses?  I can barely describe how outraged and furious I am at your words. I never thought you would say something as horrible as this.

Missy Slaathaug


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Slackline Park a great addition

We were at Sioux Park on a recent Thursday evening to view the newest addition to the park. The Larimer Family along with the city created the Nehemiah Larimer Memorial Slackline and Balance Park. 

It is a special addition to our already great parks. Nehemiah taught the art of slacklining to many kids. Now they, along with many others, will have the opportunity to practice this sport. Nehemiah would like that. 

Thank you to the Larimer Family for this gift to Rapid City.

Wes and Gladys Storm

Rapid City

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