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Berating protesters won't improve US

When David Rooks writes that he is offended enough to cancel his NFL package over protesting players, I would say good riddance if I really thought his boycott was sincere — he will watch, however.

Also, am I to follow his advice and cancel my Journal subscription because I think his submissions are yellow journalism? Who is eligible to cast the first stone at these protesters anyway? Do those who don't like the way the players protest care why they are protesting? To say that the National Anthem is no place for protest is to give "sacred cow" status to something that is politically corruptible. Our country isn't and never has been perfect. We have a checkered past as well as a less than honest present.

That said, it does not mean that I or these protesters are unpatriotic and don’t love America. It simply means we are trying to improve our country in the best way we can. To question these motives suggests closed-mindedness on the part of the "stone caster." Fear and divisiveness will stifle our forefather’s efforts to create a "more perfect union."

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

Ferebee should resign from commission

Pennington County Commissioner Ferebee gets a $200 fine and costs the county how many hundreds of dollars to make him follow the ordinance on septic systems. What a joke. He should be made to pay for the costs of the court time and the time other county personnel spent to make him comply. He should also resign.

Tom Allen

Rapid City

Renewable energy part of the future

Coal has been the mainstay of electricity generation but has its problems. It takes hours to ramp coal plants up or down, so extra capacity is needed to have “spinning reserves” available. This extra capacity is expensive but  needed to keep the grid reliable. Coal is also a dirty fuel — from the strip mines to arsenic and mercury, no one thinks coal is environmentally friendly.

This “dirty” factor is leading consumers to prefer renewable energy, so utilities are building their own renewable wind and solar generation capacity. Capacity also has to be built for peak load. Daytime load is twice the overnight load, leaving half the capacity idle overnight. But this is going to be turned upside-down soon. How? Batteries. Tesla and Vestas plan to pair batteries with wind turbines. These batteries will allow rapid retirement of older coal plants, because we won’t need the excess capacity and that will save billions.

This is the future, and South Dakota can be part of it, building our economy with jobs and revenue for landowners, counties and schools.

Erik Johnson


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