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Go slow on Sioux San move

Reading the local paper, we see that IHS has banked $72 million for construction at the new Sioux San. That is an amount this city's greed-driven developers and council can hardly be expected to turn down. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. (And they probably won't.)

Yet, we should consider the delay called for by some who know that this is tribal nation property we are talking about ... treaty protected property, trust property ... and it is perhaps the most significant edifice that the historic preservation people in this entire county need to preserve. It is our history that we are so carelessly tearing down. Yours. And mine.

The fact that the city fathers and the native health board and the steady stream of Oglala, Rosebud and Cheyenne River Sioux tribal members and officials have been meeting and making decisions about this is troubling (keyapi there are seven council fires). This is treaty land. When did it become public land? (That is a rhetorical question. We know the answer). However, even the adjoining Methodist Church (a touch of irony here) has signs posted in back areas that say federally protected lands: No hiking. No Biking. No plant gathering (meaning sage), and no trespassing. Is there the hope that the call for delay by White Face concerning Sioux San can be considered? These proposals for destruction of historic properties are unacceptable.

E. Cook-Lynn

Rapid City

Careless drivers kill too many deer

I am writing this to inform and hopefully change the habits of drivers in the Black Hills area. I live just off State Highway 44 near Johnson Siding. It's a beautiful part of the Black Hills that we are blessed to be able to reside in, although in the recent weeks we have seen the annual slaughter begin. The slaughter is the unnecessary killing and maiming of wildlife. Vehicles travel Hwy. 44 at speeds over the speed limit regularly, during bright sunny days and dreary rainy days, on moonlit nights and during rainstorms in the dark of night, never caring the speed limit is 50 mph and less on the curves.

On a recent Wednesday night, approximately 8 p.m., we were passed by a late model red Suburban-type vehicle in a very short passing lane with an oncoming vehicle nearing the passing lane. Nonetheless, said Suburban passed us. With a collision imminent, I braked sharply and gave it time to re-enter the westbound lane in front of me. I was driving just under the speed limit, it had been tailgating me for a mile or two, deer were apparent everywhere, and speed should have been lowered for conditions. This apparently was not a consideration of the driver tailgating me.

In the past 10 days, I can note the killing of 12 deer, two house cats and several turkeys on this 10-mile stretch of the highway into Rapid City. This morning, we walked out of the house to find a healthy whitetail doe, legs mangled, lying in the right-of-way. Sad that this should happen to any of God's creatures, sadder yet that people are in such a hurry that they would endanger the lives of wildlife. Yet daily during the morning and evening commutes, these same people line up five or six deep and bumper to bumper for an opportunity to pass the person in front of them. There apparently is no deterrent from a police presence. They are here, but winding turning roads make it difficult to catch these self-centered, late-for-work, gotta-get-home offenders. Slow down. During reduced visibility, slippery surfaces, darkness -- these are all times that the speed limit should be a maximum, and 10 mph under the posted speed limit would be the wiser choice.

Yes the wildlife are dumb animals, but when we see this wanton neglect for life and safety, I think that some of the dumb animals are driving the cars.

Lonnie D. Burnham

Rapid City

Let’s not demonize each other

As the country moves forward from this difficult confirmation process, it is important not to demonize one another. This is the problem I see in all of these political transactions that are taking place these days. In other words, we should treat the fight like the process that it is. It is like with sports teams. We fight the fight knowing that there will be another day, another day for us to give input.

If we will only trust in the peaceful process we have trusted. And remember that we all have a common goal, the improvement of our great country. So let us move forward in that great process. Trusting in God. Amen.

William T. Elliott

Hot Springs

I see how Hitler gained power

I used to wonder how a modern country like Germany, with its historical abundance of great scholars, authors, composers and scientists, could have followed a lying, pompous racist Nazi like Hitler. I no longer wonder.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

Bjorkman deserved endorsement

Your recent endorsement succinctly enumerated Tim Bjorkman’s qualities, experience and willingness to fight for the people of South Dakota and represent us in Washington. I am puzzled as to just why you kept saying that you "hoped" Dusty Johnson would be as successful in representing us and that he “might” be successful in promoting the policies upon which Judge Tim is campaigning. Of course, you invoked the memory of Ronald Reagan and used the phrase "conservative values" (whatever that may mean) in saying something positive about Dusty.

Dusty hopes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. … With what? Dusty hopes to cut the deficit. How? Dusty has experience as Gov Daugaard’s chief of staff in implementing policy. So what? Dusty “knows all aspects of the political game.” This isn’t a game folks, it’s serious. I think a mistake was made in last Sunday’s paper. Shouldn’t the endorsement of a candidate be based on his beliefs rather than the editorial staff’s hopes? In order for voters to insist that Dusty “remain true to his word,” (whatever that is) they should not vote for him.

Tim Bjorkman has earned our respect, our trust and our vote, and, incidentally, your endorsement.

Brent Cogswell

Rapid City

Big tobacco opposing IM25

By this time I’m sure you have seen the negative commercials on IM25 innumerable times, about how it is a blank check South Dakota can’t afford. Who do you think is paying for the commercials? Who has the most to gain if it fails? Yes, it is a blank check but it is made out to big tobacco, and if you think $35 million is a lot, wait until you see how much it will be made out for by the time you get done paying all the health costs.

They use the scare tactics of saying the money will go to the general fund. You voted the people into office. If they don’t do what you tell them to, do what you would with any other employee who doesn’t listen, replace them. Big tobacco is spending over $2 million on advertisement. We can’t afford them or their poison. Remember, they are targeting your children. Can we really afford that?

Clayton Hieb

Rapid City

Gary Drewes honest, trusted

It appears that the local liberals have taken a page from the national ones and are going back 25 years to smear a Republican with old, unproven allegations of wrongdoing. There wasn't even an investigation, and of course the liberals believe that's because of the swamp in Pierre and the corruption running rampant (also never proven).

I have known Gary for a long time and a more honest, intelligent and caring person we could not find for our next commissioner in District 5. Please don't let the liberals try to do to Gary what they tried very hard to do to Justice Kavanaugh.

Ron Buskerud

Rapid City

Hate is a powerful motivator

I have to agree with Ben Treadwell but only with the first part of his letter to the editor that was published Oct. 6. Ben is correct when he stated that hate is a powerful motivator.

It was hatred of the previous president and anyone associated with him that caused a lot of people to vote for the current president. The rest of his letter is nothing but partisan rhetoric that is unfortunately a part of almost every letter submitted by people from both sides of the political spectrum.

Doug Dobesh


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