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Which candidate 100% pro-life?

Friends have asked me which of the candidates for governor is the most pro-life. According to SD Right to Life’s Legislative Ratings, Billie Sutton’s pro-life voting record was inconsistent. Billie failed to maintain an “A” or even a “B” pro-life rating during the eight years he served in the S.D. Senate. Kristi Noem, however, maintained a 100 percent pro-life voting record in the four years she served in the state House and her eight years in the U.S. Congress.

While I am grateful for Billie’s pro-life votes when he did cast them, his votes were always cast in silence. Kristi has been an outspoken voice for the vulnerable, championing bills for the unborn and sex trafficked victims, and always standing strong against assisted suicide.

When it came time to choose their lieutenant governors, Kristi chose Larry Rhoden, who also maintained a 100 percent pro-life voting record throughout his many years of service in the S.D. House and Senate. Billie chose Michelle Lavallee, who has no voting record but who announced in her first press conference that she was pro-choice. If you want our next Governor to be a pro-life champion, please join me in voting for Kristi Noem.

Debbie Pease


District 29 pamphlet helpful

Campaign season is upon us with the usual volume increase in postal activity from candidates. Here in District 29 we received a mailing from our state senator, Phil Jensen. It was a voting record breakdown of every senator and representative in the state, from both parties, with the bill numbers they voted on. Of course Sen. Jensen and Rep. Taffy Howard ranked at the very top in the state, measured by representing taxpayer interests rather than special interests.

I want to thank Sen. Jensen for this useful and substantive information rather than the usual, pretentious, mailings we get.

David Phelps

Black Hawk

Amendment W supports ethics

Over 50,000 conservative, progressive, and independent South Dakotans have placed Amendment W on the ballot. What is it? In a nutshell, it strengthens our ethics laws and finally gives us the tools to make sure they are being followed.

It bans lobbyists from giving gifts to all elected and senior public officials; lessens the influence of big money by ending unlimited PAC contributions and banning foreign, corporate, and union donations to candidates; definitively ends the personal use of campaign funds; creates an independent, statewide ethics watchdog to hold rule breakers accountable — we are currently one of seven states without one like this; and protects the laws we pass by giving voters the final say.

Opponents mince words and deal in exaggeration. That’s because if you pull back the curtain, you’ll find the lobbyists and special interests we voters have been trying to rein in for years. They don’t want politics-as-usual to change no matter how much it costs us. Thankfully we have Amendment W. Straightforward. Simple. Clear. Make a cup of coffee, go online to, and read the full measure yourself. Send a message to Pierre. Please vote yes on Amendment W.

Lynn Ryan


Support pancreatic cancer fund

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month. Join us for the third annual Pints 4 Purple Event benefiting the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and in a short two years will move up to No. 1. Help us fight this devastating form of cancer by participating in our annual event. $1 from every pint sold will go directly to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization that was started in 2009 after director Rhonda Hatfield lost a family member to pancreatic cancer. During this time Hatfield witnessed challenges that victims of this silent killer are up against as they battle this devastating cancer.

The result was NPCF, a foundation with a focus of providing unwavering support and a mission of providing direct financial assistance to the victims and families of pancreatic cancer. Since 2009, NPCF has financially assisted over 250 afflicted families struggling to make ends meet across the nation. Rapid City’s location for this Pints 4 Purple event is Dakota Point Brewing Company on Nov. 4.

Rhonda Hatfield

Box Elder 

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