Why is SD backing gun maker?

So South Dakota is joining other conservative states in backing a gun maker who is being sued by folks affected by the Sandy Hook massacre.

Yes, you read that right: Massacre. What on earth are we doing? You do remember Sandy Hook ... where first graders were blown to smithereens? As well as some staff? Or have you become inured to the insanity that grips this country?

We are a laughingstock around the world. Every other civilized country has gun control. Why don’t we? Because we have allowed the NRA to run America. I sure didn’t elect them to represent me, did you?

There is no way on this earth that anyone except the military and police need these assault weapons, and anyone with any decency knows it. They are used to slaughter people. Period. Where is the defense in needing to own them? Remington deliberately marketed these to make them feel macho, and it works. How pathetic is it that these penis-enhancers are necessary for men to feel like men?

This is a disgrace, and every single decent person needs to contact your members of Congress and let them know that we, like the huge majority of the country, want gun control. People using the Second Amendment to our Constitution as their defense don’t understand what it means. You really think you are a well-regulated militia? Well then, lets well-regulate you.

Come on South Dakota. We are better than this.

M.C. Baude

Rapid City

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