Mueller’s investigation

All hail Bobby Mueller, court jester and signatory to a $30 million report he neither authored nor read. The foundation for the entire premise of Trump collusion was the “Fusion GPS” dossier bought and paid for by Democrats to foment the lie of collusion. Using this propaganda the anti-Trump team obtained a FISA warrant and the witch hunt was on.

Bobby Mueller then gathered around him a team of 12 Democratic lawyers, most of which contributed heavily to the Clinton campaign and/or the Democratic Party. When asked about Fusion GPS, poor ol’ Bob didn’t know what GPS was. Not only that, by his own admission, most of the report wasn’t his “purview.” As Harvard law professor and former Obama judicial adviser Laurence Tribe tweeted, “I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster. Far from breathing life into his damning report, the tired Robert Mueller sucked the life out of it.”

Astonishingly, Democrats can still see a guilty verdict here even though Mueller himself ended the report: “It cannot be established that a crime has been committed.” Today, Democrats apparently consider one to be guilty until proven innocent.

Don Kopp

Rapid City

New mining efforts concerning

Wharf Resources, operator of the only functioning large-scale gold mine in the Black Hills, has filed (with the S.D. DENR) a Notice of Intent to do exploratory drilling in a new area close to the current mine.

It is important to know that Wharf’s parent company is Coeur Mining of Chicago, and that its history of adherence to environmental protections is perhaps marginal. In one recent incident, Coeur Alaska was fined $534,500 by the EPA for violations including unauthorized discharge of acid rock drainage into a lake, failure to repair a containment structure, failure to conduct required monitoring, and many more. Mine water discharges can harm water quality and aquatic life by introducing high concentrations of toxic metals or by harming the sediment in which fish lay their eggs.

Exploration and mining in the Black Hills should be of concern to citizens, as daily mining operations and accidents threaten drinking water, as well as fishing, recreation, tourism and agriculture. Of special concern are the exploratory permits being sought for the areas directly surrounding Pactola Reservoir, and a currently permitted area near Pe’Sla/Rochford.

Concerned citizens should raise the alarm regarding these threats to the Pennington County Commission, and the state DENR.

Carol Hayse


Who says war on drugs failed?

A recent letter writer declared that the war on drugs is a failure. I would ask her how she knows that. By what criteria would she gauge a "win?" Would we have to completely eradicate drug abuse to declare a win? Would it have to be a reduction of 50 percent of drug abuse?

As a former narcotics officer, I would assert that the hundreds of thousands of drug education programs provided in our schools is a success, the thousands of tons of drugs removed from distribution is a success. The thousands of unscrupulous drug dealers incarcerated and unable to deal drugs to our children is a success.

We'll never eradicate pedophilia, murder or rape either, but we should never give up the fight. Smoking cigarettes is greatly reduced because it is no longer socially acceptable. The same pressure should be applied to drug abuse.

John Santana

Rapid City

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