It was a special council meeting

As one of the Rapid City Council members who missed the special council meeting on Aug. 26, I would like to set the record straight.

This meeting was not a regularly scheduled council meeting; therefore, it is called a special meeting. The meeting was added by the council on Aug. 19 for an additional budget hearing.

Monday, Aug. 26, was chosen because most of the members could attend. After the meeting, I expressed my concern to council leadership that I would be working for the Playhouse on the evening of the 26th as we were bringing in a new troupe to begin on Aug. 27. Councilmen Lewis and Strommen conveyed their inability to attend on Aug. 26 because of "Back to School Night" with their children.

The budget was passed with the full council in attendance at our regular meeting on Sept. 3. The budget is very important, but I would argue there are no council meetings that do not alter or impact the lives of our citizens. They are all important.

For those at the Journal or others who question council conduct or lack of attendance, in future, please understand the difference between a special meeting and a regular council meeting.

Darla Drew

Rapid City

Climate fix can’t wait

We all care about the health and lives of our children, grandchildren, and generations yet unborn. That is why on Sept. 20 people around the world will be leaving work to bring awareness to the problem of climate change. Young people are a large part of the strike because they will have to live with the consequences of our inaction.

We are changing the climate of this planet through continued emission of greenhouse gasses. For the past 20 years, the continental U.S. has experienced twice as many record highs as lows. That means, half of the times you were surprised by balmy record warmth in the winter, or sweltered under a record high in the summer, you were feeling the effects of climate change firsthand. More severe consequences, like more violent thunderstorms, more intense heat waves, and ironically, more destructive blizzards, are in store if we do not take major global action now.

You may see proposed climate change solutions as denying God, or a Trojan horse for intolerable, socialist, and invasive government action and expansion. If that is the case, propose better solutions. Speak to your friends and write to your representatives about them. We cannot wait any longer.

Luke Corwin

Rapid City

Address ambulance costs

The last letter about the Sturgis ambulance situation strikes you as Ross Lamphere and Edward Miller do not want to take your advice about cost — even forming their own districts or purchasing their own ambulance. Are the people faced with the same problem as before? Will there be another vote that equals lower turnout because of not knowing the costs?

Wouldn’t it be better sticking with Sturgis Ambulance? Lots of questions to be asked and answered. Have these two not learned a lesson? Why put the county people through so much of a problem?

John Coyle


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