Trump no patriot

I'm sure most people would agree that an American patriot would defend and support the U.S. Constitution. Doing that would necessitate approval of the separation of powers outlined in that document. He would also demand freedom of the press and speech and freedom of and from religion. Also, he'd approve of equal justice for all and believe that no one is above the law. He would insist on free and fair elections. And he would certainly only vote for a person whom he could recognize as a fellow patriot.

Now, everyone should know that no one could be less of a patriot than Trump. Yet Republicans fly the flag in their yards and on their pickups pretending patriotism when the opposite is so evident. All this does is display their undeniable hypocrisy.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

Support Trump on troops

I was happy to read in today's Rapid City Journal that our President Trump has plans to withdraw over 5,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The story said that our country may also see more withdrawals of our troops from this longest war in our American history.

This Journal reader believes that we can't afford to station our brave American troops everywhere in the world. The cost in lives and in our valuable tax money is too high.

The war in Afghanistan has gained us nothing and cost many brave American lives at a huge cost in our tax money. I hope that President Trump withdraws more American forces from Afghanistan and brings them home to defend our country.

Let's also spend more of our valuable tax money on things such as roads and schools in America and not waste more money on the endless war in Afghanistan.

David Nickel


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