We're all part of the militia

If Kent Bush insists on using the Journal as his bully pulpit, would it be too much to request editorial accuracy?

There is no need to disparage Second Amendment supporters by calling them idolaters. We worship a Creator who endowed us with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Inherent in these rights is an obligation to defend and protect ourselves. The Supreme Court recently reinforced individual gun ownership rights and further stated our weapons may possess the same degree of sophistication as those in common use.

Madison noted that America had a militia amounting to nearly a half million citizens with arms in their hands, and Washington once described his militia as “well-regulated” or properly trained in the practice of arms. Today, every able bodied man in a specific age class not serving in the military is in the militia.

Bush should know by now he’s part of the militia, and that the phrase “well-regulated” has nothing to do with gun laws. Publishing “you are probably not in a militia, and the Second amendment gives legislators a clear path to regulate guns and gun ownership” is agenda-driven misinformation ... what President Trump calls “fake news.”

Bill Miller

Rapid City

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