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Bjorkman calm, fair, intelligent

Tim Bjorkman, the retired circuit court Judge, running for South Dakota’s lone Congressional seat in Washington, was in town for a gathering of Democrats on Saturday night. He gave a calm, intelligent, thoughtful talk about his goals if elected. He said nothing derogatory about his opponent or Republicans but talked instead about the inclusiveness of his candidacy and how he would help South Dakota get back on track again. He emphasized his bedrock policy of not accepting special interest money from anyone or any group. He pledged not to “sell” his vote to anyone.

Tim Bjorkman is a candidate of calm and intelligence in a sea of political controversy. He will approach his position as Representative as he has approached the issues he faced as a judge. He will listen, he will research, he will carefully consider, then decide. Even if he is faced with massive opposition, if he believes his position is the correct one for South Dakota, he will not bend to anyone. He will be fair, he will be honest. He will restore dignity and true South Dakota values to his position.

A vote for Bjorkman is one of the best votes you will make this November.

Reed Richards


Amendment W is wrong

Disguised as a “voter protection and anti-corruption” amendment, Amendment W has serious problems and when investigated, appears to be open to uncontrollable power by a few. Consider these reasons:

• Two South Dakota Supreme Court judges and the Governor pick the first four members of this seven-member “Government Accountability Board;” the remaining three are selected by these first four.

• Members must provide financial disclosures. If they are working on a case in which any member has a conflict of interest, that member must recuse him or herself…unless their vote is required to break a tie vote.

• Only four board members can initiate and decide upon what to investigate and make final decisions.

• Money from groups in Massachusetts and Washington, DC (over $429,000 to date) is helping to fund this amendment.

• The annual budget is $389,000 or more, if requested.

The backers may be counting on laziness, apathy and/or ignorance of South Dakota voters not bothering to research this amendment. Voter protection and anti-corruption vigilance is needed, but be careful what you vote for. This is a job for grand juries. We at Citizens for Liberty oppose Amendment W.

Ken Delfino


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