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Seiler qualified to be state's AG

South Dakota’s next Attorney General will need manage an office, deal with the drug epidemic, coordinate with federal and tribal agencies, and check government corruption when it arises. Randy Seiler is qualified to do these things. Jason Ravnsborg is not.

Randy Seiler ran an office and served as the chief federal law enforcement officer in the state as the United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota. He has served as State’s Attorney. He was lead counsel on over 70 felony jury trials. He has helped federal, state, and tribal law enforcement work together to make our communities safer.

Jason Ravnsborg is a part-time Deputy State’s Attorney for a small county. He does not appear to have tried a single criminal jury trial and has not responded to media inquires on the topic. He obtained the nomination by vigorously campaigning among the tiny group of Republican convention delegates who vote on the nomination. He refuses to debate, instead relying entirely on the “R” next to his name to carry him to victory. He either did not realize or did not care that he illegally used state resources at the state fair to advance his candidacy. He is not ready for the job.

Experienced prosecutor or political ladder climber? Our choice is clear.

Kyle Krause

Rapid City

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