Nothing from Thune about Trump

Where is John Thune? Trump is forcing the military to spend taxpayer’s money in his resort and forcing military planes to fill up at the airport near the resort to keep the airport afloat, because the survival of his resort is dependent upon this airport. Where is John Thune? Does he not care that Trump is using our military and our money to help his businesses?

The vice president stayed 180 miles away from where his meetings were taking place so he could spend millions of taxpayer’s money at Trumps resorts. Where are you John Thune? Trump is apparently using taxpayer’s money to demand that the Ukraine attack Joe Biden before they get the money. Do these illegal activities by the president not matter? Where have you been hiding John Thune? Where is your investigation of these illegal actions by Trump?

Mr. Thune, do you not have any integrity or morality. What do you say about Trump violating so many of our laws? Nothing so far. Where are you Sen. Thune? Have you no honor now, have you ever had any honorable thoughts or do you care only about winning. You are a sad example of a man.

Brent Cox


Let’s get freedoms back on track

My husband and I have just returned from our national conference of Convention of States held in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We have constitutional wisdom to encourage South Dakotans to stay informed and review our founding documents daily.

To make positive change, we were reminded to return to our foundation and use the tool that our Constitution has built into it. It's called Article V.

We the people are able to gain our self-governance back just as our founders planned. Amendments can be proposed by two thirds of both houses of Congress or two thirds of state legislatures.

I am tired of federal policies running my life and tired of seeing my friends’ small businesses struggle under regulation. We have the right to live freer lives. The founding fathers laid out this country to be self-governing, the people ruling, not big government.

If you are tired of the craze in D.C., let's take the power back from out-of-control career politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. When more of us sign the petition and get involved at cosaction.com, the closer we become to getting our country and freedoms back on track.

Deanna Becket


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