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More letters to the editor, May 22, 2021

More letters to the editor, May 22, 2021


More letters to the editor, May 22, 2021

For Natalie Slack

I am writing to express my support for Natalie Slack for Area 1 School Board. I have known Natalie for several years and have worked with her on committees. I have seen her dedication and passion for the community first hand. From her work to fundraise for a new mural at one of our local schools, to countless hours volunteering in our local community, Natalie is a tireless advocate. I often wonder where she finds the time, and amazed at her dedication and organization to make things happen.

This past year has been many things, but normal is not one of them. When we were about to welcome our students back into the classroom there was concern about finding substitutes if large numbers of teachers were required to quarantine. We didn't know what would happen, but we knew we wanted our kids in school. Natalie, seeing a need in the community, she stepped forward and signed up to be a substitute teacher. Natalie put our students first with action, not a keyboard and an ugly yellow sign. I have seen her parenting and leadership first hand. Natalie is reasonable, fully equipped, and dedicated to do what's best for our students

Glen Meyer, Rapid City

Educate, don't indoctrinate

The Rapid City Education Association (RCEA) has endorsed candidates Slack, Flynn, Pochardt, and Read, basing their selection on questionnaires and other vague criteria that needs to be shared with the public. The RCEA also should explain why their office on W Main St has an SDEA sign . The SDEA is the teacher’s union based in Sioux Falls and is the state operations center of the radical National Education Association (NEA), based in Washington DC. The NEA has colluded with the CDC to keep schools closed nationwide, promotes Critical Race Theory (CRT), the 1619 Project, and a host of other radical ideologies.

We the people of Rapid City will vote June 8 for the future direction of our school board: will it go left, with candidates like Slack, Flynn, etc or, will we ensure the RCAS Superintendent/teachers Educate rather than indoctrinate students with Marxist lies! The choice is ours! Vote for Baker/ Area 1, Funke/Area 2, Doney/Area 3, and Thomas/Area 7, all have taken the 1776 Pledge and pledge to put the interests and needs of students/parents first, not the demands of teachers unions such as the RCEA, SDEA or NEA! (see

Eduardo Manzano, Rapid City

For Natalie Slack

Natalie Slack, candidate for school board in the southeast part of Rapid City (Area 1), has already given much to her community. She’s been involved in her three sons’ educations, volunteering in classrooms as they grew and moved from elementary to high school and joining the PTA/PTO organizations along the way. She’s a big fan of public schools and knows them well.

She’s also given countless volunteer hours to nonprofit organizations here, from Black Hills Community Theater to WAVI to the Rapid City Public Library Foundation. A small business owner, she also serves on several local boards, and is passionate about reading and education.

Natalie has been endorsed by the Rapid City Education Association, and has run a positive, forward-looking campaign. She has energy and commitment. She does the work. I have every confidence that Natalie Slack will work hard to make sure that Rapid City Area Schools provides the best, most inclusive education to all our students, and that she will use her business background to ensure that the Board of Education spends its funds in a fiscally responsible way.

If you live in Area 1, please cast your vote on Tuesday, June 8th, for Natalie Slack.

Dorothy Brewick, Rapid City

The worst thing we did

"Kill every buffalo you can! Every buffalo you kill is a dead Indian,” was many white's motto.

The Sioux used buffalo bones for scrapers, pipes, sleds, knives, awls, quirts, tableware, shovels, fleshing tools, splints, arrowheads, war clubs, game dice, toys, tools, shields, and fertilizer.

Buffalo hides and pelts were used for containers, shields, buckets, moccasin soles, drums, splints, boats, paddles, blankets, stirrups, straps, snowshoes, water troughs, winter robes, tepee liners, tepee covers, tapestries, lodge covers, shirts, quivers, moccasin top leggings, dresses, cradles, bridles, beddings, bags, and backrests.

Hair was used for pillows, doll stuffing, ropes, ornaments, moccasin linings, halters, bracelets, and headdresses.

Fat was used for hair grease, cosmetic aids, soaps, and candle tallow, and of course, buffalo meat was their main source of sustenance.

The Sioux called the buffalo brother because they knew all things are related. The buffalo were killed, to destroy the Sioux culture.

Pine Ridge is the poorest area in the country. The Pine Ridge Reservation has no technology no industry or commercial infrastructure to provide employment to its residents. There is a 90% unemployment rate. One of the worse things we did was outlaw their religion and not allow medicine men to practice it.

Robert J. Ackerman, Rapid City

For Natalie Slack

This is a make or break moment for education across the country. We’ve been through a pandemic that shined a light on technological inequities in education and societal struggles that are no less endured by our students. This light shines just as bright in Rapid City, and this moment is just as pivotal in the public schools of Rapid City.

Such moments require the skills of the future and vision. This is most exemplified in mother and entrepreneur Natalie Slack, the candidate for Area 1. Her extensive experience in graphic design, marketing, and on the TEDx Rapid City Selection Committee would give the school board the edge needed to move forward, instead of just going back.

Such moments require listening to not just the loudest voices, but the all-too-often unheard. As a writer, the Founder of the Verb Storytelling Collective, and a Board Member of the Black Hills Center for Equality, The Cave Collective, and the Black Hills Community Theatre, Natalie has been a driving force in giving those voices equity. The community deserves no less from its school board.

Being a parent and counselor with over a decade of experience, Natalie Slack is exactly the person required now.

Justin Crowder, Levittown, NY


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