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Tips for camping in your own backyard or living room

Tips for camping in your own backyard or living room

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“Can we go somewhere?”

The stay-home routine was wearing thin for my daughters. So for their spring break, we decided to break up that routine — by going camping in a comfy, warm setting: our house.

We pitched the tent on a Friday afternoon in the playroom, leaving the rain cover in its bag for the first time in our decades of camping. The kids got busy hauling dozens of stuffed animals and blankets into the tent. Our dog’s bed went inside, too, to her delight.

While they were feathering that nest, the grown-ups grilled hot dogs to kick off a spring-break week like no other, complete with a hike near our house one day. Back at home afterward, two tired kids sacked out in their sleeping bags. The tent gave us some badly needed magic: The girls and dog slept inside it all week with no fighting (!!) and plenty of happy whispering.

Here are three ways you can plan your own home camp-out or camp-in.

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