Charli XCX: Streaming has allowed me to be more creative
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Charli XCX thinks streaming has allowed her to be more "creative".

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker likes how the music industry has changed, to allow her to release her new music more "rapidly" and when she wants.

Speaking to The Verge for The Future of Music video series, she said: "I was feeling very creative and wanted to release my music rapidly and when I wanted. Without streaming, it would be so difficult to be able to do that ... Everything's very rapidly digested, and people want more. Everything moves so much quicker now."

Charli previously revealed her new self-titled album is her "most personal" so far.

The 27-year-old singer said: "[The record is] my most personal album yet. It's [a record] where I talk a lot more about my insecurities and my thoughts that go on in my head every day about the position I'm in as a person and as an artist."

And whilst Charli originally planned to put out a third mixtape, she felt as though 'Charli' was more like a full-length project.

She added: "With 'Pop 2', I felt the solidifying of my fan base and was more connected to my fans than ever before. I thought that they might want an album from me. So I didn't want to deprive them of it. I just felt confident enough to put one out."

The singer no longer "cares" about commercial success, and would rather just have the "creative freedom" to do her own thing.

She explained: "I used to think of [commercial success] all the time once I had the taste of what a big successful hit could feel like, but I feel like there's a lot of creative freedom in not caring."

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