Sir Billy Connolly's son has drugs and alcohol addiction
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Sir Billy Connolly's son has been battling a drugs and alcohol addiction.

The 76-year-old comedian has revealed his eldest child Jamie, 50 - whom he has with his first wife Iris Pressagh - has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups in West Virginia to get his addiction under control.

Speaking in the final episode of 'Billy Connolly's American Trail', he said: "My son has a problem and he's in AA and NA.

"He told me when he went to the detox place some kids were being let out and they were back on the stuff before they got to the railway station. It's so powerful.

"People who don't know about it say, 'Why do they take it, just say no. Just stop and you'll be better.' Duh. It's extraordinary."

The star slammed those who brand addicts as "losers".

He added: "They never talk about this, about people pulling themselves up and getting on with it ... I know nothing about the whole drug thing. I've smoked a little dope but I've never been deeply involved in it."

Billy has his own medical issues as back in 2013 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease - which leaves him shaking and struggling to move - but he's willing to be a "guinea pig" in a bid to find a cure for the condition.

He admitted he's been in contact with stem cell scientists at Harvard University about using him to advance their research and, hopefully, discover a cure for the condition, which causes parts of the brain to become progressively damaged.

Speaking in an extract taken from a book, published The Scotsman, he said: "I've spoken to guys working on it at Harvard and told them I'll be a guinea pig for them. I think they are going to take me up on that."

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