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5 famous people who have visited Deadwood

5 famous people who have visited Deadwood

Since its inception in 1876, when word of a major gold strike brought some 10,000 miners and merchants to Deadwood Gulch in a matter of weeks, this fabled town in the highest reaches of the Black Hills has attracted colorful characters. Ntually, it became known as the wildest and woolliest town in the West. Early on, George Hearst and his son, William Randolph, scored deeds to the Homestake Mine, the motherlode in gold mining. In its 125-year history, the Homestake would yield more than $1 billion worth of gold and fuel the Hearsts’ publishing empire as well as help fund construction of William Hearst’s famed “castle” on an estate at San Simeon, Calif. Over time, the town also attracted several U.S. presidents and a bevy of brilliant actors and successful writers and athletes, including slugger Babe Ruth, heavyweight boxing champ John L. Sullivan, western movie legend John Wayne, Prince Albert II of Monaco, and Emmy Award-winning writer David Milch. Even today, the brick-lined streets of Deadwood draw nearly 2 million annual visitors, including well-known celebrities, royalty and wealthy entrepreneurs.

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