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Moving is exciting, but it can also be stressful for more reasons than one. From finding the time and energy to box up all of your belongings, to picking a trustworthy moving service to safely transport them all from one place to the next, there are just so many factors to consider. On top of […]

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Monetary policy is the bedrock of any nation’s economic policy, and everyone from part-time workers to huge financial institutions, both foreign and domestic, are impacted as it shifts. Here’s how managing the supply of money affects you and the rest of the economy. What Is Monetary Policy? Central banks use monetary policy to manage the […]

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The SPAC craze is coming to a struggling former media darling. Vice Media Group is reportedly considering a merger with a blank-check firm, 7CG Holdings and Co., that would value the New York City-based media firm at $3 billion, a nearly 50% decline than what Vice was worth after a round of funding in 2017, […]

A robo-advisor can help you automate the process of investing for retirement and other financial goals. The robo-advisor concept is simple, but for new investors the idea of letting a software algorithm choose your investments may seem somewhat unfamiliar. We’ll take a deep dive into the concept and tell you everything you need to know […]

How do you know that your financial advisor’s advice is in your best interest? While many advisors are fiduciaries required to put your financial interests first, that doesn’t always protect you from inappropriate, outdated or just plain bad advice. Whenever you get financial advice, the best policy is to use your common sense and always […]

Inflation is coming. No matter how you parse the April CPI inflation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), you cannot escape the reality that prices rose across the board by a lot. Overall, prices in April climbed 4.2% year over year, the biggest such gain in the headline CPI data since September 2008. […]

There’s a reason financial advisors tell you to ignore the noise. Follow the stock market closely enough and you can easily fall into a dizzying sea of numbers and narratives. Stocks are undervalued! No, everything is expensive! Wait, here comes inflation! Today’s darlings (ahem, Tesla) can turn into tomorrow's ugly ducklings as the new, new thing promises to revolutionize an entire industry, again. Individual investors who try to time the parade of disruption often fall into the nasty habit of buying high and selling low. We believe some perspective is in order. After a quick look at the market’s near-term...

Earnings reports are quarterly financial statements issued by publicly traded companies. As the name suggests, an earnings report details the profits (or losses) earned by a company in a given quarter, along with data like sales volumes, revenue and profit margins. What Are Quarterly Earnings Reports? To be listed on a stock exchange, public companies […]

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When it comes to racking up travel rewards, it’s important to consider business credit cards in addition to personal ones. Business credit cards extend many of the same benefits as personal credit cards, such as lucrative welcome bonuses, day-of-travel perks like free checked bags or lounge access, and the opportunity to earn bonus points or […]

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With the growing acceptance of cannabis among American consumers and their elected representatives, this edgy asset class offers your portfolio an excellent source of growth. According to data from Leafy, an online marijuana marketplace, legal U.S. cannabis sales—medicinal and recreational—increased 71% in 2020, to a total of $18.3 billion. To help you choose the best […]

A convertible bond is a type of fixed income security sold by public companies that can be converted into common shares of the issuing company’s stock. Convertible bonds work just like ordinary corporate bonds, paying interest according to the specified coupon rate until you or the company decides to trigger a conversion to equity. How […]

As if there isn’t already enough analysis paralysis around choosing an ultra-premium card, American Express blurs the line even further. The Platinum card you thought you were familiar with actually comes in four different versions: The Platinum Card® from American Express American Express Platinum Card for Schwab The Platinum Card from American Express Exclusively for […]

Income-hungry investors often seek unconventional opportunities for higher yields. A lesser-known type of investment called a business development company (BDC) may help satiate their appetite. BDCs tend to offer outsized dividend yields—often 5% to 14% or more. Some outperforming BDCs may occasionally offer dividend increases, too, making them attractive investments for income seekers and retirees, […]

The 10-year Treasury gets more press than any other government security and is frequently what people refer to when they talk of Treasuries and Treasury yields. Investors pay keen attention to movements in 10-year notes because they serve as a benchmark for other borrowing rates, such as mortgage rates. When the 10-year yield fluctuates it […]

Identity theft continues to plague credit card holders, and purchasing data increasingly becomes valuable tools for advertisers to target consumers. Virtual card numbers provide extra peace of mind, without compromising ability to make payments and earn rewards. They also provide compelling enhancements to individuals and businesses who need to make payments to merchants. Virtual card […]

Once upon a time, being called a millionaire meant you were wealthy. Today, millionaire sounds almost quaint. The term of art for wealth now is high-net-worth individual, or HWNI. This clinical-sounding acronym is thrown around frequently in the financial industry to denote a person or a household with a substantial amount of wealth. What Is […]

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans. But a little-known provision in his big social programs bill could do just that. Tucked away in the American Families Plan, is a proposal to change the way capital gains taxes are paid on estates when people pass away. This seemingly […]

President Joe Biden announced in a speech before a joint session of Congress that he wanted to raise taxes on the richest Americans—by a lot. Jacking up the obligation to Uncle Sam on the top 1% of earners is politically popular, and will ostensibly be part of Biden’s plan to spend more money to help […]

The average credit score in the United States is 711—an all-time high according to credit score developer FICO. Not only is the average FICO® Score better than it has ever been, scores for U.S. consumers have been on a steady rise for the past decade. The reason credit scores matter so much is because lenders, insurance companies and other businesses routinely use them to evaluate risk. Consumer credit scores designed by FICO and VantageScore Solutions predict how likely you are to default on a credit obligation (pay 90 days late or worse) in the next 24 months. Credit scores range...

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Nobody loves inflation, the economic force that makes your morning cup of coffee cost more tomorrow than it does today. But here’s the thing: Despite the fact that it’s making everything more expensive over time, a modest amount of inflation is completely necessary for economic growth, and knowing what the inflation rate is, whether it’s […]

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Ripple is a money transfer network designed to serve the needs of the financial services industry. XRP, a cryptocurrency tailored to work on the Ripple network, is consistently listed among the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Despite its ambitions, Ripple is currently tied up in legal troubles with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), […]

The economy is rebounding. Need proof? Check out the first quarter earnings reports corporate America is releasing, which show S&P 500 companies are on track for their highest rate of profit growth in more than a decade. Earnings aren’t the only reason to feel optimistic. More than 55% of Americans have received at least one […]

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