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Comprehensive immigration reform has not been passed since the Reagan administration. It’s a hot topic each election cycle, but little progress has been made over the years. Experts explain some of the recent changes that have led to an increase in activity at the border and that voters across party lines are fed up with inaction and want action on immigration reform. 

Chadron residents could see an increase in their utility bills starting in a few months, as City Council indicated during its meeting Monday n…

Tuesday, Aug. 3 saw the first stand-alone budget hearing for the Chadron City Council. The hearings, typically done at regular meetings prior …

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Many people enjoy top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, but only to an extent. New Jersey-based retailer Designer Appliances says on its blog that not all homes will see an increase in resale value simply because of updated appliances. This could happen if it isn’t in a high-end market.

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Mexican authorities have reported detecting nearly 31,500 migrants in 2021, a figure like the one recorded in 2019, when a spike in crossings …

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While teamwork and communication are the most sought-after soft skills, they are most often missing from candidates’ resumes, the study noted. Zety came up with this list of the most important soft skills which have become especially important considering the huge increase in remote working since the pandemic began:

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Women face unequal costs to their fertility by waiting, compared to men. Peak reproductive years are between the teens and late 20s, while fertility starts to decline at the age of 30. (Some mothers are surprised to learn that women who become pregnant over the age of 35 are sometimes referred to by medical personnel as having a “geriatric pregnancy.”)

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