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AP News Minute: New guidelines put forth by U.S. health officials Tuesday say fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks outdoors…

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All across South Jersey, winds howled and tore trees from their roots and jostled and ripped apart man-made structures. Cape May, where Congress Hall saw parts of its roof torn off and subsequent water damage to the top floor, experienced 72 mph winds. In Egg Harbor Township, the protective structure over the pumps at a Sunoco gas station pancaked under heavy gusts up to 73 mph.

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AMERICANS have been inundated by wave after wave of grim numbers — COVID-19 deaths in the hundred thousands, infections in the millions. While…

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This collection helped round out Waller’s portrayal of the woman whose groundbreaking book, “The Feminine Mystique,” helped ignite feminism’s second wave. “A lot of the interviews in the book really captured details about Betty —for instance what a mess her apartment was, her purse being a landfill of people’s phone numbers and notes to herself and makeup,” Waller says. “It gave such nice texture to her character.” She also drew from Friedan’s collection, “It Changed My Life: Writings on the Women’s Movement,” which delves into key dramatic moments such as the 1972 Democratic Convention, as well as the columns Friedan wrote for McCall’s magazine, which often dealt openly with her quest for romance. “We were fascinated by how boy crazy Betty was. She really loved to date and really loved falling in love. We found it a wonderful characteristic of hers.”

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Remember when U2 did that concert in Second Life? The architecture of fake worlds has improved, to say the least. As with Oculus and a variety of competitors including NextVR and MelodyVR, the company Wave hosts live virtual concerts, and exploits the infinite design possibilities available in this new headset-accessible reality.

HAVANA, Cuba - Herman Portocarero, a former diplomat in Cuba, refers to the seaside Malecon, the wall and promenade that run along Havana's coastline facing north toward the United States, as "the last rampart of the Cold War, a frontier between two worlds." "You sit on it, watching the ocean, and become part of the history of the world," the former EU and Belgian diplomat writes in his book ...

Dear Annie: I recently moved to a noisy downtown apartment building. I'm a pretty deep sleeper, but the noise level at my new place is challen…

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