Lead-Deadwood Golddiggers

Coach: Tom Tieszen, 5th year

Last year's record and playoff results if applicable: 7-3, defeated Red Cloud, in first round of 11B playoffs, lost to Mount Vernon/Plankinton.

Returning starters

QB- SR. Max Johnson, 765 total yards, 16 total TD

RB/DB-SR.  Jordy Stulken, 1036 total yards, 16 total TD.  6 INT, 7 PBU

H back/LB- JR. Charlie Hanel, 344 total yards, 3 TD.  75.5 tackles, 11 TFL. 

WR/DB -JR. T.K. Rainey

WR/DB-JR.   Mekieh Hon, 2 receiving TD, 8 INT

OL/DL- JR. Tyler Rohn

OL/DL- SR. Robbie Lester, 43 tackles 7.5 TFL

OL-SR. Dylan Schumacher

OL-JR. Gage Mau

LB- JR. Dawson Janke, 32 tackles

LB- JR. Domenic Lucero, 42 tackles

DB- SO. Tristen Fierbach, 20 tackles

Three players to watch

RB/DB-SR.  Jordy Stulken, 1,036 total yards, 16 total TD.  6 INT, 7 PBU. "Dynamic player, fast and smart. Leader in several categories offensively and defensively. Every play could be an explosive play from Jordy," said Tieszen.

H back/LB- JR. Charlie Hanel, 344 total yards, 3 TD.  75.5 tackles, 11 TFL. "Charlie is a smart strong player that loves the game. He will never miss a tackle in the open field and has the ability to play sideline to sideline. Charlie led the team in tackles last year and will be picking up more work on offense where he can show his athleticism and strength," said Tieszen. 

K-SR. Pablo Munoz. "Pablo is a First team all-state kicker from last year. He will be a huge weapon in the special teams game including on-sides, touch backs and field goals. Last year Pablo drilled a game winning 48 yard field goal as time expired without a block. He has the ability to be a kicker for a program at the next level," said Tieszen.

Coach's comments

"We have the potential to have a great season. With a bit more difficult schedule it will be fun to see if our experienced and talented team can step up to the challenge and reach our fullest potential," said Tieszen. "Our region is always tough and with the addition of Hot Springs and Todd County, it has gotten even better. Hot Springs may be the favorite taking advantage of their drop in class."

Custer Wildcats

Coach: David Williams

Last year's record and playoff results: 5-4, lost to Winner in first round of 11B playoffs.

Returning starters:


C - Eli Steele 5-10, 170, Jr.

LG - Ty Dailey 6-1, 175, Jr.

RG - Dossen Elmore 5-10, 155, Soph.

LT - Garret Carlin 5-10, 165, Sr.

RT - AJ Kortemeyer 6-4, 250, Sr.

TE - Kaleb Wragge 6-1, 165, Sr. 4 rec, 71,yds, 1TD

WR - Tyler Terrill 6-0, 165, Sr., 5 rec, 151 yds, 2TD, 5 carries, 21 yds, 1 TD

WR - Dustin Plaisted 5-10, 150, Jr., 3 rec, 163 yds, 1 TD

QB - Dathon Elmore 5-9, 145, Sr.,  1 rec, 60 yds, 1 TD, 57 carries, 383, 7 TD, 22 of 65 passes, 608 yds, 7TD, 7 Int

FB - Daniel Sedlacek, 6-0, 180, Jr., 3 rec, 54 yds; 57 carries 390 yds, 6 TD.

RB - Micaiah Grace 6-0, 175, Sr., 7 rec, 169 yds, 3 TD; 143 carries, 722 yds, 11 TD.


DE - Zach Immormino 6-0, 170, Jr.

DE - Matt Ramsey 6-0, 170, Sr., 12 solo tackles, 9 assisted tackles, 2 sacks

DT - Seth Castelan 5-10, 175, Sr., 15 solo tackles, 16 assisted tackles, 1 sack

DT - Dylan Thaut 5-10,/195 Sr.

LB - Grace, 27 solo tackles, 22 assisted tackles, 1 sack.

LB - Irail Griffin 5-9, 155, Sr.

LB - Sedlacek, Sr., 52 solo tackles, 23 assisted tackles, 1 int., 1 FF.

CB - Josh Furse 6-0, 165, Sr.

CB - Tyler Terrill 6-0, 165. Sr., 13 solo tackles, 6 assisted tackles, 3 Int

FS - Dathon Elmore 5-9, 145, 53 solo tackles, 27 assisted tackles, 3 Int, 1 FF

SS - Dustin Plaisted, 5-10, 150, Jr.

Coach's comments

"Every player needs to be doing their part to reach their full potential for the benefit of the team. Dedication, determination, and being a team player will determine how successful we are this year," Williams said. "The leadership that we have in the football program is developing a winning culture. Young players that are coming up are going to contribute to our success this next year."

Douglas Patriots

Head coach: Dan Maciejczak, 8th season.

Last season: 0-8.

Returning starters

The Patriots return all but two starters from last season.

Three Players to Watch

Jaiden Walton is a senior fullback and middle linebacker,"  Maciejczak said. "He is a leader in and off the field. He has worked hard this off season and got his team into the weightroom this summer and we expect big things from him this year on both sides of the ball.

Jason Maciejczak is o-line d-line. "He is 6-2, 270 pounds and is going to be starting in both sides of the ball his freshman season. He has taken the role as our interior line leader," said Dan Maciejczak.

Payton Dewitt. Rb/DB. "He was a big role player last season as a freshman and has been a great leader not my mouth," said  Maciejczak. "It by example. We except him to great things on both sides of the ball. He is the silent leader of the group."

Coach's Quotes: "We have all but two starters returning this coming season," Maciejczak said. "Last season we had a very young football team with only four seniors and four juniors. This season we are a team with six seniors and 22 juniors. 18 sophomores 22 freshmen. We have high expectations this season but must first start off by winning a game. Our kids are working hard and had a great off season. So hopefully we can get back to winning games this season.

"The Black Hills Conference favorite is St. Thomas More. Until they get beat they are the favorite. The state favorite is simple, Pierre. They were young and returning a lot of kids. As always AA competition is tough, so there are a lot of good teams that will challenge them for another title."

Bison Cardinals

Coach: Charles Harpster, 5th year.

Last year's record and playoff results if applicable: 4-5 overall, lost to xxxxx in playoffs.

Returning starters:

OL-DL- - Jake Archibald Sr.

Braden Kopren- RB-QB- Sr. 

Ezra Wiechmann- RB-LB- Sr. 

Rawlin Smith- OL-DL- Sr. 

Gavin Nelson-E-RB-DL- Sr. 

Eli Harpster- C-E-DE- Sr. 

Levi Krautschun-RB-DB- Sr. 

Three players to watch:

Jake Archibald OL-DL- Sr. 

Braden Kopren QB-RB- Sr. 

Ezra Wiechmann RB-LB Sr. 

Hot Springs Bison

Head coach: Ben Kramer

Last year's record and playoff results: 6-4, lost to Tea Area 33—0 in first round of playoffs.

Returning starters:


OL/DL Caleb Maciejewski 6-1 250 Sr. 

RB/LB Gavin Heil 5-11 175 Sr. 

TE/LB Wrider Allison 6-2 180 Jr. 

OL/DL Matt Wendland 6-4 220 Sr. 

OL/DL Teejay Atwood 6-0 200 Sr. 

OL/LB Marcus Harkless 5-11 215 Jr. 

WR/DB Thomas Massa 6-0 165 Sr. 

Coach's comments

"We need to work to improve week to week and obviously stay healthy in the process," Kramer said. "This group understands team dynamics. Everything we do is for the betterment of the team. They're tough kids and are eager to establish themselves in a new classification. We graduated a great group of seniors. We have the guys to fill the holes but need to get them up to speed early."

Winner Warriors

Head coach: Dan Aaker, 18th year in Winner

Last year's record and playoff results if applicable: 7-3 Lost to Sioux Falls Christian 14-12 in 2nd round

Returning starters

Trevor Peters-RB/DB-SR-All State running back, 1,900 career rushing yards

Oscar Pravacek-T/DT-SR-All state guard

Phillip Jorgenson-FB/LB-SR-1,200 career rushing yards

Joren Bruun-WR/DB-SR-5 Int-s last year

Brady Fritz-QB/DB-JR-500 passing 600 rushing last year

Ethan Vesely-TE/DE-SR-Was injured in week 3 last year

Sam Kruger-RB/DE—JR-700 yards rushing last year

Preston Norrid-G/LB-2nd-JR-leading tackler for us last year. Played FB but will play some guard this year.

Three players to watch

Trevor Peters, Sr. RB-DB

Oscar Pravacek, Sr., T, Dt

Brady Fritz, Jr., QB-DB

Coach's comments:

"We return the majority of our skill players from last year," Aaker said. "We will be inexperienced and young up front but feel we have players who are competing hard for those positions. We have good numbers which hopefully transfers over to depth at all positions and allowing us to get some players off the field throughout games. Like every other 11B school we will need to stay healthy to be the team we feel we can be. Conference favorites would be MVP and Chamberlain. State 11B favorites-BEE, MVP, STM starting the season. Chamberlain and Sioux Valley I would expect to be in the mix as well."

Rapid City Christian Comets

Head coach: Ron McLaughlin, 4th year 

2018 record: 1-7

Returning Starters

Sam Schlabach, Jr QB/L

David Greni (Sr WR)

Briar Kaltvedt (Sr. OL/DL)

Mitch Heidecker (Soph OL/DL)

Avery Wipf (Soph DB)

Players to Watch

Sam Schlabach at QB Jr.

David Greni at WR! (Sr.)

Briar Kaltvedt at Guard/DL (Sr.)

Coach's comments: "We are excited about the upcoming season … we are small in number but large in heart," said McLaughlin. "Trusting God for what he has planned for us."

Gregory Gorillas

Head coach: John King (first year), 17 years as Gregory assistant.

2018 record: 7-3, beat Baltic in first round of playoffs 51-0, lost to Bon Homme 14-12 in second round.

Returning starters


(QB) Grant Thomas 5-9 160 Sr. 

(RB) Jackson Eklund 5-8, 160, Sr. 

(WR) Evan Juracek 5-11, 180, Sr. 

(WR) Tommy Determan 6-3, 162, Sr. 

(WR) Luke Murray 5-9, 165, Sr. 

(QB) Coy Determan 6-1, 168, Sr. 


(LB) Jackson Eklund 5-8, 160, Sr. 

(LB) Luke Murray 5-9, 165, Sr. 

(LB) Evan Juracek 5-11, 180, Sr. 

(DL) Rhoss Oliver 5-11, 220, Jr. 

Coach's comments: "The keys to a successful season are developing the younger players and adding depth both offensively and defensively," King said. "This group of young men have provided good leadership on and off the field. They have participated and improved in the weight room, and have put in the time to benefit themselves on the football field."

St. Thomas More Cavaliers

Head coach: Wayne Sullivan, 29th year.

2018 season: 6-4, lost to Dakota Valley in first round of Class A playoffs.

Returning starters

Ryder Kirsch, Sr., 12, QB - HM All State in 11A - 3 year starter thrown for 51tds over 4,000 yards. BH All-Conference

Grant Huber, Sr., 12 WR/DB - All State DB for 11A, 51 receptions 11 TD-s last year. BH All-Conference

Nick Lembke, Sr., LB - 2 year Starter - Had over 145 tackles last season. BH All-Conference

Andrew Smith, Sr., WR - 18 receptions 300yds

Brandon Hilt, Sr., OL/DL - 3 year starter at Right Tackle.

Carter Johannesen, Sr., OL/DL- 2 year Starter Right Guard

Karson Jegeris, Sr., O L/DL- started right guard last year

Tommy Klapperich, Sr., -OL/LB - 2 year starter

Thomas Maguire, Sr.,- O/DL - 2 year starter

Braden Barbier, Sr., OLB - 2 year starter.

Sam Matthes, Sr., DE/WR - 2 year starter

Charlie Larson, Jr.,  OLB - 2 year starter

Jack Greene, Jr., kicker

Jake Goble, Jr., TE/DE 2 year starter.

Gavin Skinner, Soph.,  DB / RB

Jedidiah Sullivan, Soph., Slot Receiver

Three players to watch

Ryder Kirsch - QB,  HM All-State QB

Grant Huber - WR , 51 receptions last year 11td-s.

Nick Lembke, LB, 3 year starter.

Coach's comments

"Having only lost three starters from last year-s team, we are looking to compete at the highest level," said Sullivan. "Our players have worked very hard in the off season and are hungry to get STM back to the top tier. This season will depend on our senior leadership and if the younger players step and accept their role and go a hundred miles an hour every play."

Rapid City Central Cobblers

Head coach: Erik Iverson, 3rd year 

Last season: 4-7, lost to Brandon Valley 47-8 in first round of playoffs.

Returning Starters


RB Jeremy Weidmann 5-7, 160, Sr - 15 rushing TD-s, 1215 yd rushing,4 receiving TD-s, 1 passing TD, 1 KO Return TD

QB Kohl Meisman 6-5, 160, Jr., 8 passing TD-s, 715 yards passing

TE Rob Weber 6-5, 200, Sr., 1 TD reception, 200 yds receiving

OG Ethan Byrd 6-5, 215, Sr.

C Hunter Hansen 6-7, 205, Sr.

OG AJ Hettich 6-0, 225, Sr.

WR Wyatt Jungclaus 6-5, 180, Sr., 7 TD receptions, 387 receiving yards

WB Aaron Iverson 5-10, 175, Sr., 205 yds rushing, 1 TD rushing, 1 TD receiving

BB Liam Porter 6-2, 205, Jr.


DL Ethan Byrd 6-5, 215, Sr.

LB Aaron Iverson 5-10, 175, Sr.

DL Josh Krauter 6-3, 180, Jr.

CB Nate Bledsoe 5-10, 160, Sr.

LB Jon DeRuyter 5-10, 180, Jr.

Coach's comments: "We need to replace some key starters on both sides of the ball," said Iverson. "We need to manage expectations, we had some program success last year and things are looking up as a program. But we can-t think we are better than we are. We have to keep grinding each day and win the day. We are now in the third year of the program and kids seemed to start getting the offensive system last year, we have some key people returning which we can keep building on. We have great senior leadership returning."

Wall Eagles

Head coach: Lex Heathershaw, 3rd year 

Last season: 10-1, defeated Faith in first round of state playoffs, defeated Castlewood in quarterfinal round, lost to Colome in state semifinals.

Returning starters

Gavin Sandal: OG and DT, Sr. - returning 2 year starter

Kole Gallino: OG and DE, Sr. - returning 2 year starter

Bridger Amiotte: TE and LB, Jr. 

Tack Tines: WR and DB, Jr. 

Andrew Law: DE/TE, Sr. 

Three players to watch

Enoch Cuny: QB/LB- Sr. 

Gavin Sandal: DT/OG- Sr. 

Bridger Amiotte: LB/TE- Jr. 99 tackles as a sophomore

Coach's comments

"We are excited for another year of Eagle football," said Heathershaw. "After a tough loss to Colome last year in the semifinal round our players are hungry to get back into football. We lost a talented senior class, but we have some key pieces returning, as well as other players that are excited for a big opportunity this year. Moving up to class 9A this year will pose a new challenge with some very competitive teams. However, we feel that if we can create some good team chemistry, that we have a good shot to stay competitive with the top teams. We just need to climb the hill and take things one game at a time."

Kadoka Area Kougars

Head coach: Chad Eisenbraun, 17th year 

Last season: 4-4 and 1-1 in the playoffs.

Returning starters

Jarred Hicks – G/DT – Sr. 

Richard Lamont – TE/WR/DE – Sr. 

Greyson DeVries – MLB – Sr. 

Kaelan Block – TE – Sr. 

Gaven Sudbeck – RB/WR/DB – Jr. 

Hudson Johnson – RB/DB – Jr. 

Reed Ohrtman – G/DE – Jr. 

TJ Hamar – QB/LB – jr. 

Jackson Grimes – OL/DL – Jr. 

Ryan Running Enemy – RB/LB – S. 

Players to watch:

Jarred Hicks – DT (All-State caliber player in my opinion) Played guard last year, but we are looking at making him a fullback because of need an his athletic ability," Eisenbraun said.

Richard Lamont – WR/TE (Another All-State caliber player in my opinion, being recruited by DWU), , Eisenbraun said.

Hudson Johnson and Gaven Sudbeck – RB-s (Hudson starting his 3rd year as a junior at RB, Gaven his second year starting as a junior), , Eisenbraun said.

TJ Hamar – QB/LB – Started for our injured senior QB/LB last season and led us to a big win the last game of the season (his first start) against Hill City. Then led us to a huge victory at Harding County in the 1st round of the playoffs (only his second start). Looking for big things out of him this year.,

Coach's comments

"I'm expecting a highly competitive season in our conference with no clear cut team that should take the conference championship," said Eisenbraun. "Last season we won and lost close games, and finished 4-4. We-d like to improve on that, but we know it will be a good challenge to do so because of the parity in our conference and region. Defending champs Wall will be the pre-season team everyone looks to knock off if possible. New Underwood, Philip, Lyman, JC/WR, RC Christian, and us as well should all be putting competitive teams on the field that will make our conference a great one to watch this season.

"Harding County and Faith will both be really good football teams again this year. Bison was in the playoffs a year ago as well and didn't lose anyone to graduation as far as I know. Edgemont will have some really good team speed so they should be another tough competitor as well. Unsure about what Dupree is like as they weren't someone we played or scouted last season, but I'm sure they've got some good kids."

Sturgis Scoopers

Head coach: Chris Koletzky

Last season: 4-6, lost 23-22 to Yankton in first round of playoffs.

Returning starters


RT – Cy Exienberger RT, 6-2, 240, Sr., 18T/1FL

Cody Nelson C, 6-1, 260, Sr.

Justin Burnham WB/SS, 5-9, 180, Sr., 32T/1,08 Yds 2 TD

Josh Fowler WR/FS 5-9 160, Sr., 8 rec 151 yds 2 TD/22T/1FF/1TD

Trevor Erlenbusch FB/MLB 5-10 185, Sr., 416 yds 4 TD/43 T 1 Sack

Justin Green DT 6-6 330, Sr., 16 T

Wren Jacobs MLB 6-1 185, Jr.,  23 T/1FL/1FR

Dylan Gillespie OLB 6-1 170, Sr.,  25T/1 Sack/1FR

Gabe Legner OLB, 6-2, 160, Sr., 15T/1INT

Daylen Rhodes HB/CB, 5-10, 160, Sr.,  6T

Coach's comments: "We lost a lot of production from our senior class last year on the offensive side of the ball so we will be looking to Justin Burnham, Kaden Phillps, Kaden Nelson, and Zach Shoun to take the next step for us and be productive moving the chains,"  said Koletzky. "We have a hard working senior class but have lost some big play capability. Our offensive and defensive lines looks to be the strong point of our team heading into the 2019 season.

"We will have to be consistent and more disciplined this year to move the football. We also need to be more sound an defense and increase our turnovers from a year ago."

Belle Fourche Broncs

Head coach: Scott Slotten, 6th year.

Last season: 5-4, no playoffs

Returning starters


1. RB Kelby Olson 6-2, 175 , Sr.,  128 Car. 848 yards 12 tds., 10 cat. 114 yards 1 Td.

2. WR Jackson Tyndall 5-10, 145, Sr.,26 rec. 515 yds. 6 TDs.

3. OL Logan Goeders 6-3, 245 11th

4. QB Colby NowowIejski 6-3, 175, Sr., Part time starter 6-10 105 yards and a TD


1. DL Logan Goeders 6-3, 245 11th 10 tackles

2. LB Brextin Garza 5-10, 190, Jr.,24 Tackles 2 TFL 1 sack

3. SS Kelby Olson 6-2, 175, Sr.,52 tackles 3 TFLs 2 Ints 4 PB 2 FF 6 FR

4. DB Jackson Tyndall 5-10, 145, Sr.,28 Tackles 2 TFL

Three players to watch

Kelby Olson

Colby Nowowiejski

Jackson Tyndall

Coach's comments

"This team is built with kids that are ready to win. We are trying to change the culture in Belle and we want to make football a lot more fun. Winning really helps that," said Slotten. "The senior group has been my hardest working group in my 6 years here, being multi sport athletes, good students, weight room rats, and great in our community. We will lack some size up front compared to past years, but we are way faster as a team and our skills position players will highlight that.

"We lack some experience to start the year, but all new starters have had a great summer and I expect all of them to step right in and help us be competitive. Defensively, we will look a little different with losing All State DT Hunter Mitchell, but we expect our athletes to step up at linebacker and make a bunch more plays. Conference favorite is STM, but I think that every team will be very competitive this year and it will be a fun conference schedule just like last season. Regionally I think that Belle Fourche is the best Class A team in the Black Hills. In Class A, defending champ Tea is the team to beat. They have tremendous talent there and I think Dakota Valley, Madison, Sioux Falls Christian and WC will be competitive as well."

Harding County Ranchers

Head coach: Jay Wammen, 94-15 overall

Last season: 7-2

Returning Starters


QB Camden Hett 6-3

WR Zack Anders 5-10 165 lb Sr. 2- 1st Team All-State WR- 60 receptions 970 yards 7 TDs, 67 rushing att- 357 yds 7 TDs

RB Sam Adams 6-0 210 lb Sr. 2- Injured first game of the season

FB Robert Hansen 5-9 170 lb. Sr. 1- Injured week 3.. 24 attempts-196 yards 6 TDs

TE David Tilus 6-2 175 lb. Sr. 1- 9 rec 82 yds 2 TDs

G Jaxon Klempel 6-4 215 lb. Sr. 2 year starter


S Camden Hett 6-3 185 lb Sr. 2 36 tackles, 30 solo, 3 Ints

OLB Zack Anders 5-10 165 lb Sr. 2- 57 tackles, 33 solo, 5 Ints, 2 sacks

MLB Sam Adams 6-0 210 lb Sr. 2- Injured first game of the season

OLB Robert Hansen 5-9 170 lb. Sr. 1- Injured week 3..

E Jaxon Klempel 6-4 215 lb. Sr. 16 tackles, 9 solo, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 FR

Coach's comments:

"We return all of our skill positions back this year and have a very talented and athletic senior class," Wammen said. "We lost a ton of key lineman to graduation and the development of our offensive and defensive lines will be the key factor to our teams success.

"We will have a very balanced attack and will be hard to stop. We have a very good combination of running and passing. Defensively, I like our attacking style and our team defensive speed."

Philip Scotties

Chandlier Sudbeck, 1st year 

Returning starters

Reece Heltzel

Colby Fitch

Seth Slovek

Cody Donelly

Jayden Coller

Parker Snyder

Jesse Hostutler

Jaerek Thorn

Three players to watch

Jayden Coller: Tb/Wr, Jr. 

Reece Heltzel: Tb,Lb, Jr. 

Colby Fitch, Fb/Lb, Sr. 

Coach's comments 

"The kids have a positive attitude going into the first week of practice which is awesome to see," said Sudbeck. "The kids love to work hard and are passionate about the game and that makes my job as a head coach a lot easier. We also have a good number of kids and a handful of returning starters. I am looking forward to a great season with them."

Lemmon/McIntosh Cowboys

Head coach: Josh Anderson, 2nd year

Last season: 4-5, lost in the first round of the playoffs to New Underwood

Returning Starters


QB-JR. Cody Thompson 2157 yards passing 30 td passes 6 Int 359 yards rushing 6 tds

RB-SR. Jerred Fergel 217 yards rushing 1 td

WR-JR. Jaden Kelley 209 receiving yards 7 tds

WR-SR.Jerred Fergel 200 receiving yards 2 tds

WR-SR. Alec O-Donnell 605 receiving yards 7 tds

WR-SR. Peyton Anderson 865 receiving yards 12 tds

WR-Jacob Hetzel

Wr - Max Mollman

Line - Arthur Harrison

Line - Jimal Storm

Defensive starters returning

SR. LB Peyton Anderson, LB SR. Max Mollman SR. LB Alec O-Donnell

Jr. Corner Jaden Kelley, Jr Corner Jacob Hetzel

SR. Lineman Arthur Harrison, Sr. Jimal Storm

Three Players to watch

Cody Thompson-JR QB See above

Peyton Anderson-SR. WR. See above

Alec O-Donnell-Sr. WR. See above

"We are looking forward to a great season. We return all of our skill players from last year's team," said Anderson. "The kids have been working super hard and had a great summer with camps and stuff. I think our conference championship will be a toss up between Lemmon/McIntosh, Harding County, and Timber Lake. Region wise, with us being in 9AA for the first time in awhile not sure what to expect. Jones County/White River always has athletes and it looks like Rapid City Christian could be strong as well. We are just looking forward to getting out and competing and playing the great game of football."

Hill City Rangers

Coach: Brett Eckert, 2nd season 

Last season:  4-4

Returning starters


OG Jeremy Gillaspie 6-1, 190 Sr. 2 years starter

WR Austin Groven 5-6, 130 Jr. 1 year starter

OT Jared Cline 6-2, 225 Sr. 1 year starter

WR Alejandro Meza 5-9, 155 Sr. 1 year starter

C Holden Stach 6-1, 230 Sr. 2 year starter

TE Alex Mireles 6-0, 195 Sr. 1 year starter


DB – Johnathan Vann 5-11, 150 Jr. 1 year starter

DB – Alejandro Meza 5-9,155 Sr. 1 year starter

 DB – Austin Groven 5-6, 130 Jr. 1 year starter

DE - Alex Mireles 6-0, 195 Sr. 1 year starter

Coach's comments: 

"As with any other 9-man team in the state, staying healthy is key. With our experience we bring back in the offensive and defensive lines being able to control the pace of the game. Will be really important for us,"  Eckert said. "Continuing on the road of rebuilding the program in Hill City. We were able to take a step in the right direction by going 4-4 last year in comparison to past years in Hill City. We need to improve upon last years effort.

"We return almost an entire line on offense that either started or played a lot last year. We also really like the fact that this will be the second year with our system for the kids. They know how we want to play, our system, and our expectations."

Lyman Raiders

Last season: 3-5, lost first round of the playoffs to Corsica Stickney

Returning starters:

Corwin Mohr-Eymer RB/LB

TY Schindler RB/DE

Justice Jessop OL/DL

McCall Garnos C

Tyson Floyd DB

Players to Watch

Corwin Mohr-Eymer SR. RB/LB

Ty Schindler SR. RB/DE

Justice Jessop OL/DL

Coach's comments

"Wall will be the favorites in the Western Great Plains conference. Burke, Gregory and hopefully Lyman will be in contention in our region," he said.

Rapid City Stevens Raiders

Head coach: Steve Svendsen, 1st season.

Last season: 1-8.

Returning starters


OL Cam Jackson 6-4,/265 Sr. 

WR Bridger Nesbitt 6-1,/170 Sr.

WR Michael Norman6-4,/185 Sr.

QB Colton Hartford 6-0,/170 Sr.


DL Wesley Folsom 6-6,/255 Sr. 3 yr. starter

LB Isaac Ghelsen 5-10,/205 Sr. Led the team in tackles last year.

LB Brock Meyer 5-10,/190

DL Brennen Busse 6-1,/260 Sr.

DB Colton Hartford 6-0,/170 Sr. Led the team in interceptions

DB Joe Weber 5-11,/185 Jr.

LB Brock Meyer 5-10,/190

Coach's comments

"For this team to be successful there has to be a team element that takes priority over the individual element during the course of our season," said Svendsen. "We will also have to have improvement on our offensive and defensive line. We have to be more physical in our play up front if we are to compete within the 11AAA. We will need players to step up and play roles because of the concern regarding our depth on our football team…so we will need to stay injury-free.

"The one thing I have learned about this team in the short time I have been around our team is the willingness to learn and that they do want to change the culture here at Rapid City Stevens High School within our football program. They have welcomed me in and are frantically learning our new system that we are bringing in. It will be fun watching them grow and progress as the season goes."

Spearfish Spartans

Head coach: Chad McCarty, 7 years.

Last season: 2-7.

Timber Lake Panthers

Head coach: Ryan Gimbel, 1st year.

Last season: 10-1, in playoffs, beat Philip Scotties 36-26 and New Underwood, 38-6, lost to Canistota/Freeman 44-20.

Returning starters

WR/RB Isaac Kraft 5-11, 175, Sr.,  5-TD 24 Rec, 415-Receiving Yards, 28.5 Tackles, 5 INT, 2 Forced Fumbles

OL/DE Taylor Goldade 6-1, 210, Sr.,  31 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 4 INT

OL/DL Bergen Marshall, 5-10, 200, Sr.,  12 Tackles, 1 Sack

RB/WR Hank Kraft 5-5, 155, Soph., 36-Rushing Attempts, 254-Rushing Yards 5-TD, 58.5 Tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles, 3 INT

DL/OL Sawyer Holzer 5-10, 210, Soph., 23.5 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 1  Forced Fumble.

Three players to watch

WR/RB Isaac Kraft,  5-TD 24 Rec, 415-Receiving Yards 28.5 Tackles, 5 INT, 2 Forced Fumbles

TE/DE Taylor Goldade, 31 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 4 INT

RB/WR Hank Kraft, 36-Rushing Attempts 254-Rushing Yards 5-TD, 58.5 Tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles, 3 INT

 Coach’s comments

"We enter the season as the defending 2018 LMC Conference champs," Gimbel said. "Harding County will be disciplined as always, coach Wammen is an exceptional coach who will have his squad ready to go. Lemmon/McIntosh will also be tough, they return many of their starting squad from last year.

"Our Region added in Sully Buttes and wall this year. Sully Buttes coming off a 9B runner up performance in the Dakota Dome. Wall made it to third round playoffs 9B Before losing to eventual state champs.

"Britton/Hecla and Canistota-Freeman will be very tough competition. They return many starters from their previous successful years."

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