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City student-athletes sign up for the next level

City student-athletes sign up for the next level


Twenty-three student-athletes from Rapid City Stevens, Rapid City Central and St. Thomas More signed letters-of-intent Wednesday to further their academic and athletic careers on the collegiate level.

Stevens led the way with 14 signees, while STM had six and Central three.

Here's a brief biography of the signees:


Kyah Watson, basketball, University of South Dakota

Why she chose USD:

"I really liked it down there, the coaching staff and my teammates. I really enjoyed them. It was like a good environment for me."

Her thoughts on playing college basketball:

"I'm definitely going to have to work on my game and improve and work hard there."

Plans of study: Undecided.

Lily Parris, soccer, Hastings College

Why she chose Hastings College:

"They put academics first, and what I am going for, pharmacy, it is not an easy degree. The side benefit is I get to play soccer and they are ranked nationally for NAIA. It's a good soccer program and a good academic program, so I am looking forward to that."

Her thoughts on playing college soccer:

"I'm a little bit nervous and I was a four-year letter playing with bigger girls. But I practiced with the team and they were super welcoming, and I am really excited to play with them."

Plan of study: Pharmacy.

Laura Petik, volleyball, University of Mary

Why she chose University of Mary:

"I just fell in love with the school when I visited. I loved the players and I loved the coaching. It fit my major perfectly, so I can get my degree I need and play volleyball."

Her thoughts on playing college volleyball:

"College volleyball is a completely different environment and level. Everyone is there to win and everyone is there to compete their best." She will play the libero position.

Plan of study: Speech pathology.

Brock Meyers, football, Northern State University

Why he chose Northern State:

"It seemed like the best fit for my family and I. They have a great program up there and the coaches are amazing."

His thought on playing college football:

"It's crazy and it is weird to think about that as I have gotten to this point in my life. But I am ready for it and I am excited." He will play outside linebacker."

Plan of study: Business.

Ben Daane, golf, University of South Dakota

Why he chose USD:

"Everything just felt right. I narrowed it down to a couple of colleges in the last couple of months. Meeting with the coach and meeting with the team sealed the deal. They just really made me feel at home and I felt like that was the place I should be."

His thoughts on playing college golf:

"It is always something I wanted to do since I was a little kid. It's really nice to see the work pay off. You don't really get to see it pay off that much in high school until you get to this point. It is really rewarding to see that."

Plan of study: Business and military science/ROTC.

Michael Norman, football, Northern State

On why he chose Northern State:

"They had a great atmosphere right away, and they got something going for them that is going to be big and I just want to be part of it. They showed me I am going to be valued and I am going a good player for them, and I am ready to be a Wolf."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"It is a big step. I'm really nervous on what the outcome will be, but I am ready to play and this is my big dream to play college football. I am glad I can be a part of it with all of these college athletes.'

Plan of study: Pre-med.

Liam Vidas, track and cross country, Mount Marty College.

On why he chose Mount Marty:

"They have such a good nursing program, and their running program seems really great. Coach (Randy) Fischer has helped me. He has followed me along in cross country and he wants me to do great things in track. I think I will fit well in the program."

His thoughts on competing in college track and cross country:

"It's exciting. I'm a little bit nervous. I think it is going to be a really good time and I think I will fit in real well with what they are doing down there. It should be good."

Plan of study: Nursing.

Wesley Folsom, football, Dakota Wesleyan University.

On why he chose Dakota Wesleyan:

"I'm an outdoors guy and it is in the center of all outdoors. It's a great school and I'm religious, too, so that also helps. It felt like home. Football there was meant for me because I feel like I can do well there."

His thoughts of playing college football:

"It's crazy. It is going to take a lot of work and I am excited." He'll play offensive tackle.

Plan of study: Business.

Cooper Voorhees, wrestling, University of Wyoming

On why he chose Wyoming:

"My dad went there (Brent Voorhees) and I really wanted to go there to continue a legacy to maybe become the first father-son duo to be All-American."

On competing in college wrestling:

"That has always been my goal, to go D-1, and become a D-1 All-American. It will be tough, but it will be fun." He is expected to wrestle at 157 or 165.

Plan of study: Exercise science.

Darien Malone, wrestling, Dakota Wesleyan University

Why he chose Dakota Wesleyan:

"They were really the first college that recruited me and they helped me through the process and everything. I chose them because they are good for me."

His thoughts on wrestling in college:

"College will be pretty tough but I am ready for it. I'm ready for what it brings and for what it will do for me in the future. I know I definitely have to work harder and train more." He plans to wrestle at 125 pounds.

Plan of study: Accounting.

Colton Hartford, football, Augustana University

Why he chose Augustana:

"I chose Augustana because the coaches are really great and I like the environment, and I like everything about it. I think the vibe there is really good. You have to work hard to succeed there and I like that."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"I'm really exited because I don;t have t play three sports, I can just focus on one. I can focus on lifting and getting bigger and learn more about the game."

Plan of study: Biology.

Bridger Nesbit, football, University of South Dakota

Why he chose USD:

"They recruited me before most colleges did and I just love the coaches there, they made me feel at home."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"I am definitely going to have to find a little level of being tough. I have to get in the weight room and stay true to the grind." He'll play wide receiver.

Plan of study: Economics.

Sammi Sundby, track and field, Augustana University

Why she chose Augustana:

"My dad is an alum, so I have always been around it. They have a super great pre-med and nursing program. I haven't quite decided, but it is really good for both athletically."

Her thoughts on competing in track and field in college:

"I'm a little bit nervous, but I am going to train all summer. I excited to be  there with my friend, Liz Schaefer, so it will be super fun." She plans to compete in triple jump and high jump.

Plan of study: Biology.

Mady Sargent, softball, Dakota Wesleyan University

Why she chose Dakota Wesleyan:

"The environment is just so great. Everyone is Mitchell is super nice, and the girls made me feel right at home when I met them."

Her thoughts on playing college softball:

"I think I need to train more, and get used to waking up and just go, go, go, and making sure my academics are up with it." She'll play the catcher position.


Emma Avery, soccer, Black Hills State University

Why she chose Black Hills State:

"It was pretty important for me that I was able to go to a school that was close to home, so my family could come to all of my games."

Her thoughts on playing college soccer:

"It is definitely going to be a big change, the physicalness of playing in the games. It is definitely going to be a big step up. That is something I am going to have to get used to." She plays the attacking midfield position.

Plan of study: Undecided.

Rob Weber, football, Northern State University

Why he chose Northern State:

"They just showed me a lot of love in the off-season. I talked to the new coach (Mike Schmidt) right before the Aberdeen game for a couple of hours and he seemed like a super passionate dude. After that I was all about Northern."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"I definitely have to put on some weight when I get there. It's awesome that the coaches have been talking to me that a tight end has to have a big frame, and I have to get a lot faster and a lot stronger and help me team out there."

Plan of study: Education (history).

Nora Nelson, softball, Dakota Wesleyan University

Why she chose Northern State:

"I just thought it was a really good fit for me. Just from the start they were so welcoming, and it is just such a family atmosphere."

On playing college softball:

"I have been working really hard the last four years, especially to get to where I am now. I'm just have to focus on my hitting because if I can hit, I'll probably get to play." She plans to play third base.


Skylar Sullivan, volleyball, Chadron State College

Why she chose Chadron State:

"Going there, it just felt like home right away. The coaches were wonderful and I got to practice with the team, and the team was wonderful. And a bonus is it is really close to home."

Her thoughts of playing college volleyball:

"Obviously I know that the next level is going to be a lot different and a lot harder, but I am excited. I think Scott (Benson) has prepared me for what is next."

Plan of study: Undecided but learning towards early childhood education.

Lizzy Elder, basketball, Dakota State University

Why she chose Dakota State:

"Dakota State has always been on the top of my list with their education. They are one of the biggest growing colleges in the state now and their program is just phenomenal. I get to play basketball and their coaches are awesome. It all just fit in place."

Her thoughts on playing college basketball:

"With my injury this year (torn ACL and meniscus), it is going to be a step-by-step process, but I am looking forward to it. It is a really good facility and community up there with the coaches."

Plan of study: Computer science.

Grant Huber, football, Minot State University

Why he chose Minot State:

"I went there on a visit and it felt like home; they were very welcoming. They have a good football program. It's on the rise and they are in a great football conference."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"It is totally different, it is not like high school. I will have to come prepared and be ready to play against bigger, stronger guys and ready to compete."

Plan of study: Accounting.

Delaney Klosterman, basketball, Chadron State College

"It seemed like the best fit for me school-wise, and the coach is really nice. The team is really nice and the program just fits me really well."

Her thoughts on playing college basketball:

"It is going to be a change for sure, but I think I am going to be ready for this next level. I am going to put in all of the work that I can to get better and play at this level. I think it will be fun."

Plan of study: She is thinking criminal justice.

Nick Lembke, football, Chadron State College

Why he chose Chadron State:

"I love the energy down there. I went to a couple other visits, but none of them felt like Chadron State. I also got a couple of friends down there. It felt like a great fit and it is also close to home, something I was looking for. Academic-wise, it also seemed like a great fit. They have a great science program."

His thoughts on playing college football:

"You have to get bigger, you have to get faster and the game is a lot faster at that level. It is going to be hard work, but that is expected. I'm just going to have to pick up my game speed, put on weight and get faster."

Plan of study: Human biology.

Alexys Durham, softball, Dakota Wesleyan University

Why she chose Dakota Wesleyan:

"I toured a bunch of colleges, but when I went to Dakota Wesleyan it was the best fit for me; I felt at home and I loved the team. I stayed with some of them overnight and I got to meet everyone else and the coaches are great."

Her thoughts on playing college softball:

"It is going to be intense, I have always wanted to since I was little. Now that it is actually happening, it is nerve wracking but exciting at the same time." She hopes to play center field.

Plan of study: Psychology.

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