County Commissioners have agreed to move forward with a new emergency alert system called, Code Red. Code Red is a geo-targeted, multi-channel alert system managed by the OnSolve Company.
In an emergency event, this system will allow Fall River County Emergency Management to send real-time, mass-notifications to residents via voice, text, email, social media, and various other platforms.
In scenarios where a multitude of county residents are affected by an event, this system will allow planners to share information to anyone on a Code Red directory.
Residents of Fall River County who choose to receive these alerts will do so free of charge. All residents will be encouraged to sign up, download the app, and confirm their information on existing county directories.  
County GIS, Stacey Martin supports Code Red for it's functionality: "I was surprised with how robust the program is. There is a lot of functionality to it."
"What I like about it is that it's active communication. It's directly calling a person and giving them a message," Martin says.
When asked by Commissioner Joe Falkenburg about what he thinks of Code Red, Fall River County Emergency Manager, Frank Maynard responded, "I highly recommend it."

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Maynard cites the very low start up cost a win for the county. The system requires very low administrative cost and allows planners flexibility in how they customize the system for county use.
In a scenario where time is a factor, where lives and property are in danger—direct, mass alert systems can make a measurable difference. Mass alert systems give residents and businesses an advantage—faster reaction time and more accurate emergency information to help themselves or others out of harm's way.   
In application, Code Red works so effectively due to "geo-targeting". Geo-targeting is a way of detecting an individual, then sending that person specific communications based on their location.
The most common use of this practice is through digital marketing efforts. The same technique can be applied to any situation where a person's location is directly related to important, life saving information—such as emergency alerts or event notifications.
Go to https://www.onsolve.com/solutions/products/codered/ for more information. Visit the testimonial section to read how Code Red has helped other communities during past emergencies; go to https://www.onsolve.com/testimonials_category/codered/
Direct questions to Fall River County Emergency Management at 605-745-7562.
Go to https://youtu.be/U14xU34Gn5w?t=570 to view last week's Code Red presentation at the Fall River County Commissioner's meeting

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